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COMMENDABLE CBSE 12th Result by NDMC Schools, 100% result of Gole Market Girls School

New Delhi:The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the class 12th result and th NDMC and Navyug Schools have shown a remarkable achievement in class 12th result this year too.

The overall result of NDMC and Navyug Schools as whole, this year comes out to 95.41% which was 94.21% in 2019, 93.61% in 2018 and 90.85 % in 2017, thus recording an upward trend in the overall result of the class 12th in the year 2020 as compared to the year 2017, 2018 and 2019. Navyug Schools have achieved overall pass percentage of 98% against last year pass percentage of 97.6%.

The result of Gole Market Girls School has been 100% in NDMC schools this year. Principal of the school, Mrs. Mukta Singh said that 131 students of her school had taken the exam this year and all have achieved success. She said that their school’s last year’s passing percentage was 98.6%, now it is 100% this time.

The overall result of CBSE for the entire country is 88.78 % and that of Delhi region is 94.39%. The performance of NDMC and Navyug Schools overtakes national pass percentage and that of Delhi region pass percentage.

Regular mentoring and monitoring by the NDMC, at all levels created an environment of accountability and responsibility. Subject wise enrichment sessions and visits of the schools by academic consultants/officers to observe different aspects of academics proved to be very effective. Simultaneously, attention was paid to ensure regularity and punctuality.

With the timely interaction with parents and students, remedial classes during winter vacation ensured that both the teachers and students become confident to face the real life challenges. Vigorous follow up through remedial classes, centralized unit tests and terminal exams were very beneficial in different ways.

Setting up of smart classes in all 30 Sr. Sec./Sec. schools from classes VI to XII in the year 2016 and regular training of teachers on smart classes have contributed to enhance the performance of the 12th students of all NDMC/Navyug Schools.

Timely supply of support materials to the class 12th students and structured and planned conduct of Pre-Board and Mock Test in all Sr. Sec. Navyug and NDMC Schools helped to improve the performance of the class 12th students.

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