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Delhi: 8 lakh children to get dry ration till school opens

NEW DELHI| The school is not expected to open in Delhi in the next few months. Due to this, now the Delhi government will give dry ration to about 8 lakh children studying in their schools under the mid-day meal scheme. The scheme will continue until the schools reopen. Currently, this type of dry ration will be given to children for 6 months. CM Arvind Kejriwal started this by distributing a kit of dry ration to school children in Mandavali on Tuesday. During this time, Kejriwal said, “Delhi government schools still have the same teachers and children, but the atmosphere has changed. Now our children are getting admission in IITs and Medicals. People from all over the world come to see schools in Delhi. It It is a matter of pride for Delhiites. Even in the Corona era, 94 percent of our school children are still taking online classes. “

The Chief Minister said, “The government school in Mandavali is very spectacular. Such government schools are not seen all over the country. Earlier the condition of the schools was very bad. The schools were broken, the walls were broken. “But now the atmosphere has changed. The same teachers are doing wonders today. Our children are getting admitted to IITs, Doctrines, Advocates. These schools are becoming a matter of great pride and pride for the people of Delhi.”

CM Kejriwal said that children have suffered the most in the last 9 months. Children cannot stay locked in the room, there is energy inside the children. Children want to jump around here and there. Want to go to school and do sports, but everything had to be stopped. Online classes of 94 percent of our children are still going on.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “We first tried to put the money made for the mid-day meal into the parents’ account so that the children continue to get good food. Then many parents said that they give them money, but Anywhere is spent. If the ration is given directly in its place, then it will be good. In such a situation, the process of giving ration is being started. According to every child, the ration for 6 months is as much as it is for every family. Will be given. There should not be any deficiency in the nutritious food of the children. “


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