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CM Kejriwal waived fine after reading SMS of a taxi driver

NEW DELHI| A taxi driver sent an SMS to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal regarding road tax. According to the Chief Minister’s Office, CM Kejriwal read this SMS and after reading the SMS of the taxi driver waived the road tax penalty. The Delhi government believes that the work it has done for auto-taxi drivers is being appreciated by Goa. Taking cognizance of the SMS of taxi drivers, the Delhi government has said to waive road tax in 24 hours.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “Just four-five days ago, I got an SMS from a Delhi taxi driver. He wrote that we had to submit the road tax on time. Due to Corona we could not collect the road tax, because the money Was not. Now he is being fined. Forgive this fine. ”

The Chief Minister said, “We have passed the order within 24 hours and waived their penalty. I think that in itself perhaps it would be a different example that a taxi driver can SMS the Chief Minister of his State. The taxi driver’s SMS reads. Taking cognizance on him, an order is also made for the entire state within 24 hours. That is only because it is the government of the common man, the government of the common people. ”

Kejriwal said that I am very happy that the 5-5 thousand rupees we gave to the auto driver and taxi driver of Delhi are also being discussed inside Goa. Taxi drivers from Goa are also discussing that the Delhi government has added Rs 5,000 to their accounts.

“Some taxi drivers from Goa who came to meet me said that no government has come till today, think about taxis, auto drivers. I then made them sit and explain that we did not do only in Corona-Corona. When our government was formed, Then the taxi-auto drivers have to pay 100 jobs to the government. Every job had to be bribed. We changed all the rules and regulations of the law. Now if you have to do more work than the government. Now our drivers have no bribe. Have to pay. All has changed because now the honest government has come. The work of Delhi is praised all over the country. ”

Kejriwal said, “We are connected with the common man. We know which section of Delhi, what kind of problems are being faced. As soon as we come to know that people are having trouble anywhere, anywhere. . Immediately your government works for you. I would like to say to all the parents who have come here today and this is a very difficult time. It is very difficult, especially for children. In this period, the children will give you there Must have been very upsetting in your home. Take good care of the children. Trying in the meantime to study well and take online classes. “

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