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Fathers Day 2020: When, where and how did Father’s Day begin?

Fathers Day is a widely celebrated festival in honor of fathers. Let’s know when, where and how Father’s Day started.

* Fathers Day is the original hypothesis of America.
First Father’s Day was celebrated on 19 June 1909.
In 1966, US President Lyndon Johnson decided to celebrate it for the first time on the third Sunday of June.

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* Sonora Dodd started this day in memory of her father in Spokane City, Washington.

* Fathers Day got her inspiration from Mother’s Day started in 1909.

* In 1916, US President Woodrow Wilson approved the proposal to celebrate the day.

* In 1924, President Calvin Kulij declared it a national event.

* In 1972, President Richard Nixon declared this day for the first time as a regular holiday.

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