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High court imposes President’s rule in Delhi: Shoaib Iqbal

Shoaib Iqbal.

New Delhi| Aam Aadmi Party MLA Shoaib Iqbal has demanded the imposition of the President’s rule in Delhi with immediate effect. Shoaib Iqbal has alleged negligence in the treatment of Corona. He says that the health facilities in Delhi are in very poor condition. In such a situation, to save the people, the Government of Delhi should be sacked and impose President’s rule here.

Shoaib Iqbal, who was elected MLA for the sixth time, is an MLA from Matia Mahal in Jama Masjid area of ​​Delhi. Shoaib Iqbal joined the Aam Aadmi Party about a year ago during the 2020 assembly elections. He was in the Congress before the Aam Aadmi Party. He was a member of Janata Dal-United before the Congress. Apart from this, Shoaib has also contested as an independent candidate.

Shoaib Iqbal on Friday demanded the dismissal of the Delhi government and imposition of the President’s rule in Delhi. Shoaib has appealed to the Delhi High Court to impose President’s rule in Delhi. He said that in view of health services in Delhi, Delhi High Court should immediately implement President’s rule in the capital. If the health services are not improved by imposing President’s rule, then people will continue to die due to corona in Delhi.

Shoaib Iqbal, MLA from Matia Mahal said that many of his acquaintances are hospitalized but he is not even able to arrange the medicines and other facilities required for him. However, two days ago, Shoaib Iqbal praised the Delhi government for the proposal of preparing a 500-bed ICU at Ramlila Maidan. He then said that this temporary ICU is being prepared in his area.

Shoaib Iqbal complains that patients in Delhi are neither receiving medicines nor hospitals have oxygen. No one is being heard and people are being killed.

He said that he is very sad that he is not able to help anyone. He has no hearing even after being a six-time MLA. He says that this is what he wants in Delhi immediately under President’s rule or else the corpses will be laid here.

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