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India-China-Nepal: Tikoni Diplomacy

Taking a leap here, India is dealing with Corona that there has been a headache on the borders of China and Nepal, but it is a matter of satisfaction that this border dispute with these two neighboring countries did not budge. Some of our most fanatical TV channels and newspapers looked quite raging like some Nepali and Chinese newspapers, but the three countries have to be thankful that they have acted in moderation and are trying to resolve their disputes through dialogue.

Prime Minister of Nepal K.P. Oli certainly violated the dignity in his statements but that was his compulsion, because by blaming India, he wanted to loosen the air of his party-rivals but let us see how the Prime Minister of India and the President of China kept silent on this dispute. Kept it tight Nepal created a new map and showed the entire Kalapani and Lipulekh region in its border. By unilaterally drawing the Sugauli-Treaty of 1816, Ollie also presented the map for the stamp of his Parliament.

The Nepali Congress of the opposition also had to be forced. Now Nepal says that India should start negotiations immediately. Do not use the corona as an excuse. Foreign secretaries of both countries talk on the Internet. (If not, the Nepalese Parliament will stamp the new boundary line). Why India is still postponing the talks is not understood, but Nepal’s haste is also surprising.

Nepal needs to learn something from China. Yesterday, the dialogue of military officers on both sides ran for 7-8 hours, but now it has been decided that diplomatic talks should be held on the whole matter. If the matter will not be resolved by diplomatic dialogue, then there will be a direct dialogue at the political level. What does this indicate? That both countries are showing maturity. Both countries have reduced their military presence on the Line of Actual Control. China has become convinced that India does not want to mess with its neighbors at the behest of a third country. Will not Chinese leaders and diplomats see that the Indian government has not spoken a word in support of boycott of Chinese goods?


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