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NDMC Budget focused on uninterrupted, Tech-enabled, Smart, Reliable, Strong, Swasth, Swachh, Futuristic and caring public service delivery

New Delhi: Braving the challenges and dimmed economic scenario all around, NDMC presented a net positive and forward looking budget with a moderate surplus of Rs. 136.18 crores in current financial year and Rs. 172.47 crores for financial year 2021-22 reflecting its commitment to a well governed and financially sustainable municipal body. NDMC has not proposed any new taxes for the next financial year in spite of a number of reliefs granted this year. In parallel NDMC reported completion of major projects like integrated command and control centre this year and series of projects for next financial year focusing on un-interrupted power supply, other civic services and strengthening its internal governance.

“In the pandemic scenario the NDMC Budget is focused on uninterrupted, tech enabled, smart, reliable, strong, swasth, swachh, futuristic and caring public service delivery. New Delhi Municipal Council has prepared a budget which conveys our commitment to make NDMC a national pride and global benchmark as a resilient, inclusive, responsive, sustainable and future ready urban local body”.

This was announced by Chairperson – NDMC, Shri Dharmendra while addressing the Press Conference after presentation of NDMC Budget 2021-22 today at NDMC Convention Centre, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi.

He said that, financial year 2020-21 commenced in an unprecedented manner with a complete National Lockdown on account of global COVID-19 pandemic which, over the coming months only intensified followed by phase-wise unlocking process. Today I can say with confidence that NDMC has been successful in ensuring all municipal services in an un-interrupted manner befitting its leading persona among national local bodies.

NDMC has listed number of measures taken to ensure un-interrupted services to its citizens during COVID times especially in health, sanitation and education. NDMC has taken its response and learning from COVID -19 challenge as a take off point for its future development strategy to make NDMC, a shock-proof city.

The Chairman-NDMC presented the financial projection of the total receipts of the Budget Estimates (BE) 2021-22 are Rs. 4299 Crore against Rs. 3645.25 Crore provided in Revised Estimate (RE) 2020-21. The actual receipts in 2019-20 were Rs. 3648.39 Crore. The BE 2021-22 for the revenue receipts are Rs. 3590.81 Crore against Rs. 3143.25 Crore provided in RE 2020-21 and actual of Rs. 3308.63 Crore in 2019-20. The BE 2021-22 for capital receipts are Rs. 708.19 Crore against Rs. 502 Crore provided in RE 2020-21 and actual of Rs. 339.75 Crore in 2019-20.

The total expenditure for BE 2021-22 are Rs. 4126.53 Crore against Rs. 3509.07 Crore provided in RE 2020-21 and actual of Rs. 3687.97 Crore in 2019-20. The BE for revenue expenditure in 2021-22 are Rs. 3473.29 Crore against Rs. 3087.82 Crore provided in RE 2020-21 and actual of Rs. 3246.75 Crore in 2019-20. The capital expenditure is projected at Rs. 653.25 Crore in BE 2021-22 against Rs. 421.25 Crore in RE 2020-21 and actual of Rs. 441.22 Crore in 2019-20.

Thereafter, he explained the following highlights of proposed plans and projections for the year 2021-22 in the Press Conference:-


Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC): Next phase of this project includes four important ERP modules on Property Tax, Estate Management, Workshop Management and Asset Management. While the first two will significantly bring in ease of doing business for the citizens, the other two will add to the efficiency and accountability in NDMC.

Smart Roads: The concept plan for development work at K.G. Marg and Barakhamba Road will be developed and work will be taken up in FY 2021-22.Concept plan for development work at Mandi House circle has been prepared and this too will be taken up in 2021-22.

Standard NDMC Kiosks: Designs for a sample standard kiosk have been prepared and the work will be executed in financial year 2020-21 itself. Proposal for modification of all kiosks will be prepared and taken up in FY 2021-22.

Smart Public Toilet Units for Women: NDMC had constructed three pink toilets as a special initiative for women which are in operation at Jeevan Bharti Building on Parliament Street, Factory Road & Super Bazar at Outer CP. Four more such toilets will be taken up at SN Market, D Avenue and Safdarjung Hospital Gate No 1 & 4. Provision of five more Pink Toilets has also been incorporated in the ongoing common RFP for PTU / CTU under PPP Model. These will include one at Khan Market, two at Chelmsford Road, one at Shri Ram Kala Kendra Copernicus Marg and one at Shivaji Stadium. These will be completed in Financial Year 2021-22.

Toilets for Third Gender : NDMC has constructed a toilet exclusively for third gender at Shahstri Bhawan near PTI Club. It is proposed to construct more such toilets for them after assessing the feasibility and identification of site in the NDMC area.

Modular Rainwater Harvesting: The work of 60 modular RWH pits has been commenced and is expected to be completed during Financial Year 2021-22.

Development of Happiness Areas : The work at AIIMS Green area & Nehru Park is in progress. Development of York Place circle at junction of Janpath and Moti Lal Nehru Marg is also under process and will be completed in 2021-22. More happiness areas in Rose Garden, Rail Bhawan, round about near Taj Man Singh Hotel etc. and other suitable locations will be developed.

Smart Fountains: Civil work in respect of construction of fountain at AIIMS has been completed and will be operationalized by end of March 2021. The four fountains in Lodi Garden Lake and Fountain at Nehru Park, Vinay Marg have also been installed.

Public Art: The roundabouts of NDMC be utilized for showcasing of theme based public art and sculptures through a scheme “Art with Heart”. Art will be installed at such roundabouts and other prominent places in a phased manner.

Cycle in City: NDMC has taken the services of School of Planning and Architecture- New Delhi to develop concept for NDMC as a cycle friendly city under Smart City Mission for the initiative as Cycle-in-City and identify more stretches for safe cycling by the commuters.

Public e-charging stations: Under Phase-I, out of 100 locations for EV charging station, 55 have already been installed. Under Phase II, out of 45 locations for EV charging station, 17 have been installed. In 9 locations installation work has been completed and would be commissioned shortly. For remaining 19 locations (including 6 Plaza locations) the work is in progress.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) : NDMC proposes to install 5MW capacity Battery bank (BESS) as a pilot to meet the peak load demand and improvement of power factor. Battery energy storage helps balance the fluctuations in supply resulting from the variability of renewable energy generation sources in the network.

Roads and Lanes : Resurfacing of 19 roads earlier and 23 additional roads has been completed including lanes and by-lanes wherever resurfacing was due.

Electric Road Sweeping Machines : Tender for 2 small Electric Road Sweeping Machines on hiring basis has been invited and the work would be awarded in this FY 2020-21.

Drinking Water Fountains : Keeping in view COVID situation, a COVID protocol compliant drinking water fountains will be installed for which estimate has been prepared for 39 fountains. The work shall be awarded and executed by June, 2021.

Sewer Treatment Plant: The work under Public Private Partnership (PPP) project to develop additional water resources by installing STP’s 100 KLD to 200 KLD (4 nos.) along with 50 KLD TTP, infrastructure (construction of STP/TTP) at different locations in NDMC area will be completed in FY 2021-22.

Multistory commercial complex at Akbar Bhawan: At Akbar Bhawan, 4 basements and 10 Storey is being constructed to meet the demand for additional office space as well as additional revenue source for NDMC will be completed by January, 2023.

Preparation of Basket Ball, Volley Ball and other playing courts in NDMC Schools: To ensure holistic development of children in NDMC schools up gradation of the existing sports infrastructure had been considered for 11 schools out of which 8 have been completed.

Re-development of School of Lodhi Colony into a School of Excellence : There are 05 schools at Lodhi Road in which around 2500 students study in and situated at a single plot. It has been decided to re-develop the Lodhi Road campus as World Class Schools of Excellence namely “Navyug Girls International School” and “NDMC Boys International School” for which consultant has been appointed.

Construction of Rain Water Harvesting Pits in NDMC Buildings : Under Jal Shakti Abhiyan 13 Nos. NDMC Buildings have been identified for rain water harvesting project and the work will be completed in FY 2021-22.

The work for 60 Rain Water Harvesting Pits in consultation with CGWB in Chanakyapuri, Vinay Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, Moti Bagh and Lodi garden, Bengali Market Area, Kaka Nagar & C2 Flats at Tilak Marg etc has been awarded. It is also proposed to Construct Rain Water Harvesting Pits at 32 Electric Sub Stations. Work is likely to be awarded by March, 2021 and will be completed by December, 2021.

NDMC High Rise buildings safe for seismic effect: NDMC has already identified 25 buildings as High Risk Buildings out of which structural audit of 15 buildings has been done. 14 of them have already been retrofitted and remaining one will be completed by January, 2020-21. Appointment of Consultant is in process for remaining 10 buildings.

Installation of Lifts in four storey NDMC Housing Complexes: The residents of several NDMC housing complexes are requesting to provide lift in these buildings to facilitate elderly and disabled members of their families. It is therefore, proposed to make a provision for lifts in such buildings. The feasibility and survey of these buildings would be carried out in financial year 2021-22.

Rehabilitation of Ranjit Singh flyover: Rehabilitation work on Ranjit Singh Flyover was carried out initially during 1999-2000 and has been overdue since 2014. CRRI as consultant has submitted its report based on which rehabilitation work is in progress. The work will be completed in financial year 2021-22.

Swasth NDMC: Medical Services

50 bedded Ayush Hospital with Research Centre : For Establishing a 50 bedded Ayush hospital with Research Centre in collaboration with Ministry of AYUSH, a plot measuring 30,000 sqft. has been allotted.

AYUSH at doorstep in NDMC Schools and Old age homes : NDMC will take up a new programme “AYUSH at doorstep in NDMC Schools and Old age homes” in FY 2021-22. AYUSH treatment relies on prevention of diseases and is especially suited to the elderly and children. AYUSH doctors working in NDMC shall visit NDMC schools and old age homes on rotation basis for at least one hour every day and suggest specialized treatment.

Up-gradation of Dental Department at Dharam Marg : Upgradation is being done by acquiring CBCT- a Cone Beam Computerized Tomography which will ease the operative procedures in Dental Department.

Disaster Management Ward at CPH: Disaster management ward is a mandatory requirement for any hospital for disaster preparedness. Charak Palika Hospital has been designated as a nodal hospital for disaster management by NDMA.

Starting of Compulsory Rotating Internship programme for medical graduates at CPH : The Clinical facilities and the faculty would be utilized to offer compulsary rotating internship training in all the required departments for fresh MBBS graduates in CPH of NDMC.

Swachh Survekshan : NDMC is ODF++ Re-certified in September 2019 and has maintained the same. Further, this year NDMC aspires to participate in garbage free city for 7 star rating and Water ++ certification in the forthcoming Swachh Survekshan-2021 being organized by MOUHA, Govt. of India.

Organic Waste Convertor : Organic Waste Convertors at remaining two locations at Bharti Nagar and Sangli mess have also been completed. RFP for Design, Installation and Operation and running for seven years on hybrid annuity Model for 1 Ton Wet Waste daily at 9 locations is under preparation thereby removing the need to transport organic/wet waste from these residential colonies to Okhla waste processing plant.

EDUCATION For Future: The projects which were could not be undertaken due to Covid19 outbreak, will be taken up during 2021-2022 like all primary classes from class 1 to 5 be converted into smart classes, One tablet based smart class shall be set up in all Secondary and Senior secondary schools for assessment purpose, 14 Palika Tinkering Labs will be set up in 14 NDMC/Navyug schools in addition to existing 10 Atal/Palika Tinkering labs. For 14 PTL, Tenders have been invited and these labs will become operational in 2021-22.

New Education Policy : Govt. of India has announced the New Education Policy and it will be implemented by the year 2022 to achieve the vision and mission of the New Education Policy. NDMC propose to develop a ‘Teachers Resource Centre’ in NDMC for Continuous Professional Development of teachers (CDP). Through this resource centre, teachers will be given continuous opportunities for self-improvement and to learn the latest innovations and advances in their professions.

Setting up of Activity Centers in all Primary wing: It is envisaged that prior to the age of 5 every child will move to a “Preparatory Class” or “Balvatika”. In view of this, it is proposed that ‘Activity Centres’ will be opened in primary wing of all NDMC and Navyug Schools.

Introduction of Bag-less Pre-primary and Primary classrooms: Under the New Education Policy, the focus would shift to play, discovery and activity based and interactive classroom learning in accordance with the cognitive development of a child in pre primary and primary classrooms.

Cash Prize to Meritorious Students: cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- each to the top ten highest scoring students in class 10th and 12th Board examinations. The scheme will run on a standing basis and will be known as Palika Pratibha Purarskar.

Science Parks in NDMC and Navyug Schools: A pilot project to set up new Science Park in 5 NDMC/Navyug Schools in 2021-22 will be taken up wherein students will have access to various apparatus like Double Ended Cone, Pendulums, Tarang, DNA Structure, Periodic Table, Parabolic Dishes etc.

Paper Recycling Plant : For conservation of resources and providing eco-friendly environment, NDMC would set up a Paper Recycling Plant for Aanchal Special School for differently abled in 2021-22.

Introduction of Vocational Courses in NDMC/Navyug Schools Recognized by CBSE: NDMC will introduce vocational courses/subjects recognized by CBSE having good job prospects initially in two Senior Secondary NDMC/Navyug schools in the year 2021-22.

Horticulture : In the financial year 2021-22 a target of plantation of 5000 trees and 5 Lakh shrubs is proposed.

Development of Green Strip and CPWD Colony Parks: NDMC will develop green strips pattern of 10 nos. of avenues in FY 2021-22. NDMC further intends to take up 27 CPWD parks in Laxmi Bai Nagar and 30 parks in DIZ Area, Gole Market for their enhanced landscaping.

Development of NDMC Gardens as World-class Gardens: It is proposed to get all the designs finalized by engaging consultant under NDMC Smart City Projects for four major gardens, namely Lodhi Park, Nehru Park, Sanjay Park and Talkatora Garden.

Connecting STP Line of Delhi Jal Board: It is proposed to extend the untreated water supply network to connect STP line of DJB to meet the gap of around 20-25 MGD which are shortfall of total requirement 35-40 MGD.

IT Governance: NDMC plans to take up a pilot project of Government Project Management System which facilitates a complete paperless functioning with geo tagged progress monitoring.

Common Payment Portal Pay-Gov: NDMC is going to implement Pay-Gov common payment portal for all services of NDMC.

Palika Net: NDMC will make a complete reassessment of its data bandwidth requirement and create a single data back bone Palika Net across NDMC to cater to all of its applications with redundancy to ensure high availability.

Palika Drishya: NDMC will set up a desk top and mobile based video conferencing infrastructure namely “Palika Drishya” to all its employees for faster and seamless human interaction.

Block-Chain: The block-chain technology allows for verification without being dependent on third-parties. NDMC will implement this in Birth and Death application and e-financial application in first phase.

Citizen Centric Budget and Untied Funds : NDMC proposed to make available untied funds (a sum of Rs.10.00 Crore) for the Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Market Trade Associations (MTAs) of the NDMC area in the year 2021-22 with an objective to provide scope for local initiatives and flexibility for local action by the RWAs/ MTAs.

Comprehensive cluster improvement programme: keeping in view the state of various clusters in recognition of rights of its citizens as equal beneficiaries of municipal services NDMC proposed a new comprehensive programme in place of piece meal projects, covering sewerage, sanitation, electricity and façade improvement.

Palika Financial Management System: NDMC proposed to upgrade and consolidate its financial systems leveraging information technology through a robust palika financial management system as a single umbrella and seamless user experience in line with PFMS of Govt. of India.

Pension Help Desk & Palika Pensioners Day : NDMC will operate a Pension Help Desk on first Monday of each month to facilitate pensioners retiring within a year to assist them in filling up all the forms and documents requiring for grant of pension. The help desk will also take complaints from pensioners and resolve them like an ongoing pension adalat. The help desk will be jointly operated by Pension Department, Welfare Department, Establishment and SBI.

Palika Samman : To keep the spirit of innovation and commitment continuously in flame, proposed to introduce ‘Palika Samman Scheme’ to identify and honor the employees who have not only performed their duties consistently, efficiently and innovatively but have risen above the call of their duties and made contributions to NDMC citizens in turn making NDMC proud. The scheme will include all group B & C employees. NDMC also propose to include RWAs and MTAs under this scheme later.

Resilient NDMC: Disaster Management : NDMC will create a Disaster Management Group under Secretary, NDMC with concerned members to come up with an action plan and monitor its implementation with allocation of Rs. 10 Crores.

The Chairman, NDMC provided the details of receipts in NDMC Budget that the total revenue receipts from Electricity Distribution Strategic Business Unit (EDSBU) have been projected in RE 2020-21 at Rs.1171.17 Crore as against actual Rs.1365.10 Crore in the year 2019-20. The projections for BE 2021-22 are at Rs.1398.87 Crore. From the property tax it is expected to collect Rs.650 Crore in 2020-21. In the year 2021-22, we plan to collect Rs.710 Crore. I do not propose any increase in Property Tax rates for the year 2021-22.

The actual receipts in 2019-20 for Licence Fee from municipal Properties stood at Rs. 467.75 Crore. The projections for RE 2020-21 are at Rs. 554.96 Crore and BE 2021-22 are at Rs. 639.13 Crore.

Chairman-NDMC thanked and expressed gratitude to all who braced the challenge of the CORONA epidemic and continued municipal services un-interrupted, at times at their personal risks and deserved to be called CORONA warriors. Saluting those who lost their lives as corona warriors he assured to maintain the same commitment level as enshrined by their sacrifice.

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