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Supreme Court in favor of banning agricultural laws, Center said, do not hurry

NEW DELHI | Chief Justice S. a. A Supreme Court bench headed by Bobde tightened its stand on agricultural laws on Monday and said that the court has decided to stop enforcing the implementation of the three agricultural laws, due to which thousands of farmers protested at various borders of Delhi are performed. The Chief Justice, representing the Center, Attorney General K.K. K. “We do not believe that the Center is handling the situation properly,” he told Venugopal and Solicitor General Tushar Mehta.

The Attorney General (AG) insisted that the apex court should not pass any order in haste.

To this, the Chief Justice (CJI) replied “You should not lecture us on patience.”

Four senior lawyers – Dushyant Dave, Prashant Bhushan, HS Phoolka and Colin Gonsalves are representing eight farmer unions before the apex court.

The Chief Justice asked these lawyers to ask the protesting elders, women and children to go back home.

After learning that they were unwilling to go back, the Chief Justice told the farmers’ lawyers, “I am taking a risk and making a personal request. Please convey this message.”

With this, the top court has indicated that it may give some verdict on the matter on Monday. The Supreme Court insisted that the Center should stop the implementation of these agricultural laws for the time being.

The Chief Justice also asked for the suggestion of the names of former Chief Judges, who may possibly join this committee, for the purpose of setting up a committee to investigate agricultural laws. This committee will determine what provisions may be good for the farmers and which provisions may harm them. After this, Justice R.R. Suggested the name of M. Lodha. The Chief Justice said that he had done justice. I spoke to Sathasivam, but he is not good in Hindi, which is why he rejected it.

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