Saturday, May 8, 2021
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NDMC issues strict directions to empanelled hospitals for Covid-19 treatment of its employees without any denial

With the aim to ensure the medical facilities, treatment and admission for all its COVID-19 affected working, retired employees and their family members, New Delhi Municipal Council ( NDMC ) has issued the strict directions to all the empanelled hospitals / labs that they should provide treatment to its employees as per terms & conditions of agreement and CGHS norms.

It has been reported by some of the employees that in some of the empanelled hospitals, the hospital administration is NOT attending the CORONA Patient when they visit the hospitals. Either they are showing their inability or they are insisting the employees for making cash payment despite the facts that there is cashless treatment agreement with hospitals and Labs under Liberalized Medical Health Scheme for its employees.

The action of such hospitals/diagnostic labs is the violation of terms and conditions of the agreement entered in to with NDMC and protocol of ICMR. This has been viewed very seriously by the NDMC higher authority and issued the strict directions to the empanelled hospitals and labs .

NDMC has already approved the treatment of COVID-19 to beneficiaries of Liberalized Medical Health Scheme of NDMC in all empanelled Hospital/labs/Diagnostic Centers who shall treat NDMC beneficiaries at CGHS rates of conservative management for COVID-19. And thereafter hospitals or labs raise the bill item wise calculation of expenditure to the NDMC.

NDMC have already been issued instructions to the Empanelled Hospitals that while treating the COVID-19 patient, the Hospitals should follow the guidelines /protocols of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India on the subject.

Further, NDMC has also approved the Medical facility for all Contractual / RMR employees working in NDMC for a period of three months as a welfare measure for reimbursement of expenditure on treatment of COVID-19 only.

NDMC has further directed that empanelled hospitals/labs shall not deny treatment facilities/admission to its employees for COVID-19 treatment and other treatment as well, otherwise action as deemed fit as per the agreement for violation of protocol of ICMR shall be initiated against the violators hospital / labs .

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