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We don’t want to impose a lockdown, if everyone wears masks, there would be no lockdown: CM Arvind Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has returned to the service of the people of Delhi immediately after beating Corona. He informed that he was at the helm of affairs despite the home isolation and kept close track of the situation. The CM stated — We don’t want to impose a lockdown, if everyone wears masks, there would be no lockdown. No plans to implement a lockdown; restrictions are imposed only to curb the spread; not heightening restrictions to protect livelihoods of the masses. No need to be scared of Corona, need to be responsible, always wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Even though I was in home isolation, I was keeping track of the COVID situation and taking stock of our course of action thoroughly. A DDMA meeting will be held tomorrow to review the COVID situation with experts to decide the next plan of action. Delhi is currently seeing a lower death rate and lower hospitalisation rate than the last wave. On 7th May 2021, 20,000 cases were recorded and 341 deaths were reported whereas on 8th January 2022 the same number of cases and 7 deaths were reported. Around 20,000 beds were occupied on 7th May; yesterday only 1,500 beds were occupied for the same number of cases. Those who have not gotten vaccinated must get their doses as soon as they can.
Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “I had caught the Coronavirus as well off late. I was in home isolation for the past week or so. Thanks to the blessings of the family of two crore people of Delhi and wellwishers across the country, I had the fortune of a speedy recovery. I had fever for about two days, but maintained isolation as per the guidelines for the whole of seven days. I am back and ready to serve the people of Delhi. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for aiding in my recovery with their prayers.”
He continued. “The rapid speed with which COVID is spreading across Delhi has had me in deep concern and regardless of my isolation, I was keeping track of the affairs. I was in constant telephonic contact with the Health Minister, Chief Secretary and all other concerned officers to monitor our course of action. Corona has gained a rapid pace throughout the country and so has it in Delhi too. There were about 20,000 cases recorded yesterday. Around 22,000 cases are expected to come today as well. Yes, this is a matter of concern but at the same time, not one of panic.”
The CM further said, “As per our data analysis, during the last wave, 20,000 daily cases were reported around 7th of May. But back then we saw 341 daily deaths and yesterday there were 7 deaths. We strive to not let even one life be lost, but as much as it pains me, I must explain all of this in terms of data to give clarity to the public. Back then, around 20,000 beds were occupied in Delhi, but as of yesterday only 1,500 beds have been occupied. All in all, this wave is seeing a lower death rate and a lower hospitalisation rate.”
He added, “Our motive of illustrating the situation in terms of data is to reduce panic to a minimum but to not make people irresponsible. There’s no need to be scared but you can not stop wearing your masks thinking it is mild. We all have to be responsible. Wearing face masks is the most important aspect of this fight. There would be no need for a lockdown if everyone wears a mask. Don’t step out unless you have to, and if you do, don’t forget your mask behind. We don’t want to impose a lockdown and neither do we have plans to do so. We want that the wave subsides amongst the least of the curbs. We don’t want to hamper anyone’s daily bread.”
He concluded, “LG Sahab and I are keeping a very close watch on the situation and have called for another meeting of the DDMA tomorrow. We will review the situation again with experts. We are in constant touch with the Centre and have their cooperation as well. I want to assure everyone and the Delhi Government, the LG, the Centre are all together in this fight. If we could see through the wave in April, then we will do so this time as well. Just don’t worry and be responsible. Whoever has not gotten vaccinated, must get their doses as soon as they can. Vaccines may not stop you from getting infected but they do reduce the intensity of the infection and stop you from being hospitalised.”

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