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One desperate snatcher arrested by the team of PP Hari Nagar PS Hari Nagar

New Delhi: The diligent staff of Police Post Hari Nagar, Police Station Hari Nagar has done a commendable work by arresting a notorious snatcher/thief namely Deepak S/o Late Jai Singh with the recovery of two stolen phones and one stolen scooty. By his arrest total three cases have been solved.

On 09.02.2024 HC Pritam, HC Rajkumar and Ct Sandeep were performing their patrolling duty under the leadership of SI Amit IC PP Hari Nagar. During patrolling duty team noticed one suspicious person on scooty. Being suspicious he was signalled to stop, but he tried to escape. Owing to the promptness of staff he was overpowered and apprehended along with scooty. On checking the details of scooty it was found stolen. During his cursory search two stolen mobile phone were recovered from his possession. During interrogation his complete identity was revealed as Deepak S/o Late Jai Singh R/o Sultanpuri, Delhi Age-26 and found previously involvement in 13 criminal cases of theft/snatching. Accordingly, he was arrested as per appropriate section of law.

1. E-FIR No- 1391/23, u/s-379 IPC PS-Hari Nagar.
2. E-FIR No-029989/23 u/s-u/s-379 IPC PS-Vijay Vihar.
3. E-FIR No-314/23 u/s-380 IPC PS-Khyala.

1. Two stolen mobile phone
2. One stolen scooty


Deepak S/o Late Jai Singh R/o Sultanpuri, Delhi Age-26. Due to poor economic condition of the family, he came in contact of bad elements and got involved criminal activities. He is a desperate criminal and previously involved in 13 cases of theft.

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