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Scientists: Sestrin protein that will reduce obesity without exercise

Scientists done a research on drosophila flies & found that Sestrin protein and it will reduce the obesity without any exercise or workout and it comes as supplement by many health companies.

How to reduce obesity without exercise?

JS Lifestyle Desk. People often think about how to reduce obesity without exercise. Obesity takes away all the charm of your personality. To reduce obesity, people sweat for hours in the gym, from diet control. Even after such hard work, people do not get the body they want. Scientists have been engaged in studies to reduce obesity for years. Now scientists have discovered a protein in a person’s body, which will help in losing weight without moving the body.

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Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that a protein called sestrin protein can give all the benefits of a good workout to a human being without moving the muscles. According to Myungjin Kim, a research assistant professor in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Psychology, this protein named ‘Sesterin’ freezes in the muscles after exercise.

Research on Drosophila flies

Wayan State University in Detroit and his colleagues built a type of trade mill. Taking advantage of the common instinct of Drosophila flies, this team trained drosophila fliesusing that treadmill for three weeks. These trained drosophila flies were later compared with other normal flies. By understanding the difference in their flight and running ability, the researchers found that these flies lacked the ability to make sestrin protein. Companies are making this supplement also for the athletes. This research is miracle.

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Sestrin protein benefits

Lee said, “Drosophila flies typically last 4 to 6 hours. Normal flies showed improvement during this time. But there was no improvement in their exercise due to the lack of cestrin in the trend flies. In the market you will find various brands of this protein supplement. There are many benefits of it.

When researchers looked at overexpressed amounts of sestrin in normal flies, they understood that those flies had more potential than trend flies, and that too without exercise. In addition, when overexpressed, those overexpressed flies are unable to be patient.

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