Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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US presidential candidate Joe Biden gave anti-India statement

US presidential candidate Joe Biden gave anti-India statement !

Amidst the ongoing tension from China, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has given an anti-India statement. Know what they said ……

Washington, Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden for the US presidency has given an anti-India statement about Kashmir, the Citizenship Amendment Act, CAA and the National Register of Citizens, NRC. He has said that India should take necessary steps to get the Kashmiris their rights. He also expressed disappointment over the applicable NRC in CAA and Assam.

Elections to be held in November

A policy paper posted on Biden’s campaign website titled ‘Agenda for the Muslim American Community’ states that steps like the CAA and NRC are against Indian democracy’s continuing tradition of multiculturalism and secularism. Presidential elections are to be held in the US in November.

Awakened muslim love

The policy paper states that Joe Biden understands the pain of Muslim-Americans about developments in Muslim countries and countries with Muslim populations. This document mentions Kashmir and Assam along with the Uygar Muslims of China being placed in detention camps. In addition, the discrimination and oppression against Rohingya Muslim minorities in Myanmar is also discussed.

Hindu-Americans protest

A group of Hindu-Americans protested in Biden’s campaign over the language used against India and asked to reconsider it. The group has also demanded a similar policy paper for Hindu-Americans. However, no response has come from Biden on this.

India has expressed opposition

The Indian government has rejected the external organizations and other countries’ handicaps, calling the CAA and Kashmir an internal matter. The government says that the purpose of the citizenship law is to protect the oppressed minorities of neighboring countries.


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