Friday, May 27, 2022
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We are going to win the election with a clear majority: Biden

WASHINGTON| Amid growing suspense over the results of the US presidential election held on November 3, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has stated that he is going to win the race with a clear majority but has restrained himself from declaring victory. In a televised address on Friday night, Biden said, “We have received over 7.4 million votes, which is more than any president has received in the history of the United States.”

According to the BBC report the former Vice President said that Biden / Harris is definitely winning more than 300 electoral college votes. This is also happening in Arizona and Georgia, which were traditional Republican states. We will win this race with a clear majority.

Regarding the frightening rise in the Kovid-19 pandemic, Biden said that he would take action only on the ‘first day of his presidency’. Acknowledging that tensions rose after the ‘difficult election’, he urged the American public to ‘put an end to anger and protests’.

The BBC quoted the former vice-president as saying, “We have serious problems, we don’t have much time to waste in a partisan war. We may be hostile, but we are not enemies. Your vote will certainly count, I should No matter how much people try to stop it, I will not let it happen. ”

Right now, Biden appears to be close to winning the presidency after receiving more than 27,000 votes compared to President Donald Trump in Battleground Pennsylvania. They are also ahead in swing states like Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

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