Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Work for India because India is the best

Work for India because India is the best”

We have seen in India over the past few decades that there is a rise in population. Every year we have thousands and Lakh of students who are graduating but they are not able to find suitable jobs according to their degree. “We call it unemployment”.

Nowadays students and working professionals are opting to go out in the U.S, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany because they are not able to find good employment opportunities in India.  The current unemployment has been the highest since the last 45 years. This is really a concerning situation for all of us and we should take the necessary steps to improve this situation. Steps should be taken by the government administration on skilling programs, building up new industries etc. They should be paid according to their degrees, giving more and more benefits so that it motivates them to search for jobs within India.

India is a growing economy and there is a lot of scope in India. In this pandemic, we are following local to vocal that means India is now making everything on its own. People will get jobs, work and all the needs they want. They will also get all the benefits and opportunities in India and there will be no need to go outside India. If we all follow these steps to develop industries, the more people will get work that will lead to more employment. Our status and currency will improve and our culture would be protected.  “India is the best “

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