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WCD Minister conducted door to door surprise inspection of households of beneficiaries who come under ICDS scheme

In a series of surprise visits, on Thursday, Cabinet Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam along with Director of Women and Child Development Department again conducted an inspection of households of beneficiaries under ICDS in Tarzan Camp, Narela, Rohini Sec 24JJ Colony Bawana and Sanjay Basti Timar Pur Assembly Constituency.
The purpose of the inspection was to check the implementation of ICDS scheme under which Take – Home Ration (THR) is distributed to children and pregnant women. There were several complaints from beneficiaries about irregularity in the quantity received.
As per the scheme, 1300gm of Dalia, 260gm of Black Gram (raw), 130gm of Jaggery and 130gm Roasted Black gram is the quantity to be distributed for 13 days for children. For pregnant women, 1690gms of Dalia, 260gms of Black gram (raw), 130gm of Jaggery and 130gm Roasted Black gram is to be distributed.
However, upon inspection, it was found out that in Rohini Sec 24 JJ Colony Bawana and Sanjay Basti, Timar Pur constituency there are no irregularities. All the prescribed quantity reaches these households but in Narela, Minister found that only 15% of the quantity is being distributed amongst 120gms of Dalia, 50gms of roasted gram.
“Irregularities were found in the quantity of ration which is distributed to the beneficiaries. We are carrying out door to door inspections of each beneficiary. I have ordered the audit of all Angawanwadi Distribution centres. Now, strictest possible action will be taken and no one will be spared who will found guilty. This is the not an error, this seems to be done intentionally with the purpose of petty benefits to the sole doer of the act. Suppliers, NGOs involved or any officer would face strict penalties against this mal practice.
” – Rajendra Pal Gautam
Yesterday, WCD Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam conducted the surprise inspection of areas in Seemapuri Vidhan Sabha where women complained of not receiving the designated quantity of ration. He also informed that these complaints were coming from across several constituencies in Delhi which is why he himself decided to conduct these inspections.

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