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Basheer Bashi two marriages: Suhana Basheer & Mashura Basheer Bigg Boss news

Basheer Bigg Boss news: Bashir Bashi is a contestant who has participated in the famous Bigg Boss reality show. Basheer is well known to the audience through the Bigg Boss Show, which is not well known to many people. Basheer arrives at Bigg Boss House with celebrities. Basheer is in controversy for marrying Suhana Mashura. kallummakkaya is his short movie video.

But on the first day, Basheer was being noticed among the audience. Basheer was a big contender in the first season of Bigg Boss. Basheer has been hearing criticism from the Muslim community for his two marriages. Basheer had been open about this on the very first day. By the end of the Bigg Boss show, the audience’s misunderstanding has finally settled. Now, Bashir is back in the spotlight.

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Basheer’s name was coined by presenter Shriya Iyer. Shriya was speaking through Josh Talk. Shriya’s words went viral. Basheer had reacted to this when Shriya’s outspoken controversy had turned the tide. Basheer had said that the allegations against him were mere allegations and that he and Suhana were trapped. His wife Suhana also came to support Basheer, saying her husband had done nothing wrong.

Basheer Bashi Suhana wedding

Basheer Bashi, Suhana & Mashura wedding video is below


Bashir Bashi’s latest post is going viral on social media right now. The star says you don’t need anyone’s consent to be happy. Basheer shared his picture. Whatever you do, there will be people to blame. People who comment and criticize others are not happy with their own lives.

Basheer Bashi movie video

Basheer Bashi is in a short movie video

Basheer Bashi kallummakkaya

Basheer Bashi kallummakkaya is in a web series starring Suhana Basheer and Mashura Basheer also.


Basheer bashi Instagram

Basheer bashi Instagram pictures with suhana and Mashura

Basheer Bashi controversy 

Basheer bashi controversy: A number of people have come out in support of the star. Many say that Basheer is right. Fans are also jumping to cheer and cheer.

Basheer came up with another post a few days ago. This was at a time when controversy was raging. Basheer posted that if some people cannot find happiness in their lives, they will create drama. Basheer made these comments along with the picture. Some people may not like Basheer going well. Fans share that we are brave

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