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Free legal assistance for women in DSLSA’s 11 district: Judge Namrita Aggarwal

New Delhi: On the occasion of “International Day of the Girl Child”, the department of Vivekananda School of Economics, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies in collaboration with Bhagidari Jan Sahyog Samiti organized a webinar on “Cyber Security for Women”. Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Jain, Dean of VIPS, welcomed the guests. Judge Namrita Aggarwal Additional Secretary, Delhi State Legal Services Authority, underlined the sensitivity of the issue by sharing an incident in which a woman became depressed due to cybercrime. She warned all of the students to be cautious when using social media sites, particularly Facebook. She said that if we find ourselves in such a scenario, we must act quickly and inform the members of our family. We must notify the police authorities. There is a provision for free legal assistance for women in DSLSA’s 11 district authorities to apprehend cyber offenders, and if needed free lawyer services are also available.

Karnal Singh, a retired IPS officer and former Director (Directorate of Enforcement) of the Government of India, said that no matter how cunning the criminal is, they would not be able to escape the police. He stated that the victim can file a complaint by visiting the Government of India’s cyber cell webpage. It is promptly forwarded to the appropriate district cyber cell for action. A complaint can be filed by visiting the Cyber Cell unit of the Police or by contacting the Police directly. In answer to a query, he noted that even if a cybercriminal deletes the offensive photo based on which he was blackmailing, the proof cannot be erased.

Dr. Pavan Duggal, an eminent cyber law expert and Supreme Court of India advocate, remarked that working on social media is extremely difficult in today’s era. The government, the Supreme Court of India, and the state high courts are all concerned about the issue and working to prevent cybercrime. However, cyberspace is a huge domain, and it is important to study Cybersecurity. We must be alert and cautious to avoid being a victim. If we find ourselves in this situation by accident, we should speak out and file a complaint immediately. The offender should be afraid of the law and suffer the repercussion of his acts.

Sh. Vijay Kaur, General Secretary of Bhagidari Jan Sahyog Samiti, stated that to get more Facebook followers, we frequently accept anonymous requests. We should avoid doing so because we may come to regret it and it may turn out to be the worst mistake of our lives. The provisions available in Cyber Law were elaborated by Dr. Subba Rao, Senior Professor at Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, VIPS.

Saaksshar’s Youth Coordinator of Center State Cyber Bullying emphasised the necessity of being cautious when accessing social networking sites and video conferencing platforms.
The event was a huge success. Ms. Lavi Vats concluded the session by thanking the experts, VIPS management team, Bhagidari Jan Sahyog Samiti, Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Jain, Dean, VIPS, and the student technical team.

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