Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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How did the villagers, farmers come face to face on Singhu?

New Delhi | Situation on Delhi’s Haryana border in Singhu became tense on Friday afternoon as a group of villagers clashed with protesting farmers demanding evacuation. Meanwhile, the crowd was seen armed with stones, sticks and swords. The injured also included a police officer. The situation on the Singhu border still remains tense, as the mahapanchayat of farmers in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh is still continuing.

Claiming to be from nearby villages, a group of men tried to remove the protesting farmers for two months and damaged their tents. After which both sides got into a heated debate and stone-pelting.

Soon some people were also seen armed with swords and sticks, and many were injured as soon as the police came to the rescue.

Police resorted to a light lathi-charge to bring the situation under control; SHO Pradeep Kumar of Alipur police station was injured in the violence with a sharp object.

The situation came under control around 2.30 pm. During this period many people were detained.

Questions are arising that despite heavy police and paramilitary presence, a handful of people came near the protest site, following which the situation became tense.


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