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Implementation of CM’s announcements will liberate Mewati Hindus: VHP

New Delhi: The Vishva Hindu Parishad welcomes the announcements made by the Chief Minister of Haryana Sri Manohar Lal Khattar to stop the decades-long atrocities and terror of Islamic Jihadists on Hindus in Mewat (Haryana) by saying it is an important step in the direction of liberating Mewati minority Hindu society. Saluting the solidarity of the struggling Hindu society, media channels and other allies for this, VHP’s Central Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain expressed hope that these announcements would be implemented at the earliest so that the aggrieved victim society could get relief! The steps such as prohibiting religious conversions, love-Jihad, slaughter of cow progeny (Gokashi), protection of religious and public properties of minority Hindus and establishment of the IRB battalion etc. will nevertheless amounted to declaration of freedom from Jihadi persecution in Mewat, he added.

The decades-long Jihadi persecution on Hindus in Mewat, Haryana, saw an unprecedented boost during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Hindu society from across the country and a section of the media showed a commitment to alleviate the sufferings of Hindus here. It bore fruit. Honouring public sentiments and national outlook, the CM Sri Manohar Lal Khattar paid a visit to Nuh(Mewat) yesterday(16 June, 2020), heard, understood and appreciated the distress and agony of the Hindu society! He also made the following proclamations acknowledging the long-pending demands of the Hindu society:

  1. Anti-conversion Law would be enacted to stop religious conversions and love-Jihad.
  2. Gokashi (slaughter of cows & its progeny) cases would be heard in fast-track-court.   Necessary amendments would be made in the current law, if there is a need to punish cow killers severely.
  3. A battalion of the IRB would be set up at Nuh (Mewat) to assist in re-establishing the      rule of law in Mewat.
  4.  After removing illegal occupation on Hindu religious and public properties, a board         would be set up for these real estates and institutions that would ensure their care and    protection.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad welcomes these announcements. With these announcements, the resolve of the Hindu society won. The CM respected public sentiments and showed sensitivity towards the sentiments of the society.


 Dr. Jain expresses his confidence that the Chief Minister will implement his announcements soon. The minority Hindus will now feel secured & live their lives with dignity & respect!


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