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Ola Electric users took to Twitter to complain about the front suspension

New Delhi: On Twitter, a number of Ola electric scooter riders have voiced complaints about the car’s front suspension after several of them got into collisions.

Samkit Parmar, a user, reported that his wife had an accident after her Ola scooter’s front wheel detached from the suspension.

He noted: “My wife and I were involved in a tragic event yesterday. At 9:15 p.m., she was driving her Atdate Ola Electric. Her front wheel came out of the suspension when she was traveling at a speed of roughly 35 kph. She had severe wounds. With severe injuries, she is in the ICU after collapsing. Who is accountable?”

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After hearing about the scooter tragedy, another user, Atdaret Sumo Bakshi, recounted his own experience.

ola electric scooter
ola electric scooter

He tweeted: “My condolences. When riding an Ola S1 scooter with my daughter, I experienced a similar mishap. Fortunately, the entire impact of the collision was felt by me as acute chest pain. The handlebars contacted my torso. I had to heal from the injury for about a month.”

Furthermore, other people on Twitter last year experienced similar instances.

A user reported that while riding, the front suspension of his Ola S1 Pro snapped.

ola electric scooter
ola electric scooter

Shrinad Menon asked the business for a replacement vehicle on the microblogging website.

A number of additional people joined him on the same post and shared numerous accounts of quality problems and malfunctions.



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