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Raj Comics Brings Iconic Superheroes “Super Commando Dhruva” & “Doga” to Life with “The Alliance: Project Metamorphosis”

Raj Comics, the venerated publishing house that has long been synonymous with Indian comic book superheroes, announces the launch of the live-action short film series, “The Alliance: Project Metamorphosis Chapter 1.” this ambitious project reintroduces beloved characters such as Super Commando Dhruva and Doga, reigniting the enchantment of Indian comics for a new generation. The inaugural installment of the film will be available on the ‘Raj Comics By Sanjay Gupta’ YouTube channel, bringing the excitement directly to fans’ screens.

In the 1990s, Raj Comics captured the imaginations of millions with its diverse roster of superheroes, featuring the indomitable Nagraj, the courageous and resourceful Super Commando Dhruva, the fierce vigilante Doga, and countless others. These characters became household names, inspiring readers with their gripping adventures and unwavering spirit.

At the helm of Raj Comics stands Sanjay Gupta, a visionary dedicated to breathing life into these iconic characters. With steadfast determination and a mission to amplify the legacy of Indian superheroes, Gupta has surmounted numerous obstacles to transform this dream into reality. Despite facing constraints in resources for this self-production project, his fervent storytelling passion and commitment to Raj Comics’ heritage have propelled this project forward. Directed by the talented Wickki Koul and scripted by Saurabh Sharma and Wickki Koul, the film is elevated by Brijesh Birua’s captivating cinematography, while Vasu Gupta, the executive producer, has overseen the seamless execution of this ambitious endeavor. With a stellar cast led by Shubham Matta as Super Commando Dhruva and Kshitij Sharma as Blake, alongside Kushagra Nautiyal, Cherry Sin, and Vashu Jain in mystery roles, the film is poised to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of fans.

“The Alliance: Project Metamorphosis Chapter 1” heralds a significant milestone in the resurgence of Indian comics. This live-action short film series underscores the enduring allure of Raj Comics’ characters and their relevance in today’s entertainment landscape. The film pledges to deliver a captivating narrative and breathtaking action sequences, breathing life into the heroes who dominate the fantasies of fans worldwide.

This film marks only the inception of a new era. The fervent reception to the trailer and the fervent anticipation for the movie’s premiere indicate that Indian superheroes are poised to make a resounding statement. With Sanjay Gupta and Vasu Gupta at the helm, Raj Comics is primed to once again captivate audiences’ hearts and inspire a new generation of aficionados. Do not miss the release on the ‘Raj Comics By Sanjay Gupta’ YouTube channel.

About Raj Comics: Raj Comics is a legendary publishing house renowned for its rich legacy of Indian comic book superheroes. Since its inception, Raj Comics has captivated audiences with its diverse roster of characters and gripping narratives, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon.

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