Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Novak Djokovic and his wife tests positive for COVID-19

Renowned Tennis player Novak Djokovic who stands 3rd in the history of men’s tennis with 17 Grand Slam titles is Corona positive along with his wife.

Well a news of testing positive for coronavirus becomes normal nowadays. But if someone tests positive for COVID-19 due to their lack of negligence then it is not going to be normal in anyways.

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Things didn’t stopped here well. It was seen from April that Novak Djokovic been in headlines for some unusual things regarding coronavirus outbreak. From saying that he didn’t want to take any vaccine for virus to breaking lockdown rules by practicing at a tennis club even partying in night clubs and restaurants. He created hustle in social media as well. And so for his complete negligence he has been tested positive for COVID-19.

Though many other well known faces has been tested positive for coronavirus also but in case of Novak Djokovic, he conveyed a wrong message to his followers by giving some unusual statements and breaking some of rules either it be zero social distancing or playing tennis in tennis club amid lockdown.

Well he apologized by giving statement, “I am extremely sorry for each individual case of infection. I hope that it will not complicate anyone’s heath situation and that everyone will be fine.” 


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