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Russia vaccine for Covid 19: Coronavirus Vaccine before completing tests

Russia vaccine progress for Covid 19: A Russian health care company has become the first in the globe to approve a vaccine for the coronavirus, President Vladimir V. Putin told on Tuesday, though the vaccine has yet to complete its clinical trials.

Mr. Putin’s announcement came after World Health Organization informed Russia that the people should not stray from the usual methods of testing a vaccine for safety and effectiveness.

Mr. Putin’s announcement became a sign of victory in the worlds race for covid-19 vaccine.

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Russia vaccine progress status for Covid 19

“It works effectively enough, forms a stable immunity and, I repeat, it has gone through all necessary tests,” Mr. Putin told a cabinet meeting Tuesday morning. He expressed his gratitude to the scientists who developed the vaccine for “this first, very important step for our country, and generally for the whole world.”

Russia’s minister of health, Mikhail Murashko, has said the country will begin a mass vaccination campaign in the fall, and said on Tuesday that it would start with teachers and medical workers this month.

Russia tested the vaccine on soldiers, raising concerns about consent, though the Ministry of Defense said that all the soldiers had volunteered.



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