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Shweta Tripathi Sharma upcycles/comes up (with) the term #SustainableSundari, urges women to adopt sustainable fashion at the Spoken Fest 2022!

Shweta Tripathi Sharma, the face behind most watched shows in India, the OG queen of OTT has proven time and again that she is her to rule. Be it Golu from Mirzapur, Shikha from Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, or Enakahi from Gone Kesh, one cannot miss being in awe of Shweta’s refreshingly mystique portrayals that went on to become cult icons in the Indian entertainment arena. Besides being a rulebreaker with her consistently powerful portrayals, Shweta has always been an agent of change, on-screen as well as off-screen.

In her recent outing at the ‘Spoken Fest,’ Asia’s largest spoken word festival, Shweta championed the cause of ‘sustainable clothing.’ In fact, Shweta’s outfit for the event was a beautiful specimen of art, all of it made from pieces of (unused) fabrics. Shweta shared, “Being a student at NIFT, I have got the opportunity to understand how design can help us, also what goes behind making those beautiful garments, which got me to think about sustainability in terms of work, in terms of design, fabric, and how that is the need of the hour. This is why I came up with the term #SustainableSundari wherein I want to encourage girls to do their bit because I think the issue is everyone thinks that somebody else is going to save the world but now it’s high time that we take the power and control in our hands and make a difference. It could be just recycling, upcycling sarees or fabrics that we’ve had from before, from our parents, grandparents. I think, we Indians have been practicing sustainability since forever as our clothes keep on getting passed on. We should keep encouraging such sustainable practices and do our best to save the planet.”

Shweta’s stylist Pooja Sethi added, For the Spoken Fest, I wanted to keep the outfit as true to Shweta’s vibrant personality as possible. I collaborated with a wonderful homegrown Indie brand Yam for this outfit and, along with Priya Mittal, we came up with a style which best suited Shweta. In the end we had a garment at hand, which not only looked beautiful but was also ecologically and economically sustainable, a concept which Shweta as a person and as a brand completely endorses!”

Shweta has always been a catalyst of cheer, a smile-spreader and outdone her own self with iconic portrayals. Shweta is all set to stun the audiences with her portrayal of the gameful-Golu Gupta in the third installment of her superhit series.

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