Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Pankhuri Pathak attack on Aaj Tak fame “Shweta Singh” over her remarks on Indian Army

Pankhuri Pathak now atatcked on Shweta Singh, the anchor till date who took out the nano chip in a 2000 rupee note, is on the target of social media users, people are trolling them fiercely. Shweta Singh is accused of questioning the bravery of the Indian army.

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A video of the news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ debate has become increasingly viral on social media. In which Shweta Singh is seen saying, ‘To raise the question that the Chinese army came to our land and we slept. It is not a question on the government, the army is questioned, because the duty of patrolling is the duty of the government and not the government. ‘

Shweta Singh hit the target of social media users with this statement, people started trolling them. So at the same time, Congress media panellist Pankhuri Pathak has launched a strong attack on this, he wrote on Twitter that this self-proclaimed nationalist journalist can break the country, riot, put a nano chip in the note and make his boss If you want to save, you can also defame the army of the country! Apologize to the army if there is even a little bit shame left.

These self-proclaimed nationalist journalists can break the country, riot, put a nano chip in a note, and even defame the army of the country if they want to save their boss!

Significantly, a total of 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed in a violent clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers on Monday night in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh. The situation has already worsened with the ongoing deadlock.

The largest military confrontation in more than five decades has led to an already ongoing deadlock on the border in the region. Earlier, the army initially said on Tuesday that one officer and two soldiers were martyred.

However, the statement late evening said that 17 other soldiers “who were seriously injured while on duty in place of dead-end temperatures at extreme altitudes, have succumbed.” With this, the number of martyred soldiers has increased to 20 ”.

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