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Singapore police solves the mystery of Indian man Krishnan Raju who killed wife

Singapore police solves the mystery of a 53-year-old man of Indian origin Krishnan Raju, who is suffering from delusions, has admitted the crime of killing his wife on suspicion of extramarital affair. 

The information was given on Tuesday in a news media. According to the news of Channel News Asia, bus driver Krishnan Raju used to work for the laborers and tourists of the factory. He married wife Vaithena V Sammy when she was 17 years old. It was reported in the news that during his 28-year relationship he used to “behave in a very possessive manner”. With the passage of time, however, he began to doubt Sammy about having an extramarital affair and would often argue with her on the issue.

In November 2016, Krishnan murdered his wife in his house with a sharp weapon and fled to his brother in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When the couple’s daughter Melissa, who was back at the home of a relative, returned, she saw her mother’s blood-soaked body. Krishnan returned to Singapore the next day and surrendered to the police. During the medical examination, a psychiatrist from the Institute of Mental Health examined Krishnan and found that he was suffering from delusions.

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Krishnan was suspicious of his wife’s alleged ties but authorities found that Krishnan had no concrete evidence to prove that his wife had connections with anyone else. Investigating officers also found that during the incident Krishnan was drunk.

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