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UDF vote share increases, but power remains with LDF: survey

New Delhi| The LDF, headed by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, may return to Kerala for the second time in a row and break the cycle of not being consistent in power. But the LDF is not expected to get a major majority this time. According to Times Now / ABP News-C voter exit poll, LDF will be able to reach magical figures. According to the exit poll, it is a straightforward electoral contest between the Left-Democratic Front (LDF) and the Congress-led United-Democratic Front (UDF). In which it is expected that the ruling LDF will remain in power and break the record of not being consistently elected to power.

On April 6 in Kerala, voting was held for 140 assembly seats in the state. Exit Paley figures show that the LDF in the southern state will be able to make a marginal edge over the UDF.

According to exit poll data shared by C Voter, the ruling LDF in the state is expected to get 42.8 percent of the votes while the UDF is expected to get 41.4 percent of the vote and the NDA is likely to get 13.7 percent of the votes, which is important for the BJP. But its vote share has decreased.

In the 2016 assembly elections, the LDF received 43.5 percent vote share, so the ruling coalition’s vote share is likely to fall marginally by 0.7 percent. The UDF garnered 38.8 percent of the vote in 2016, thus increasing its vote share to 2.6 percent. At the same time, in 2016, the NDA received 14.9 percent of the votes, which is expected to fall by 1.7 percent.

The data suggests that the Left alliance is likely to get 71 to 77 assembly seats in the state and 62 to 68 seats to the main rival – the UDF. The state has a total of 140 seats. NDA can get 0 to 2 seats.

In the 2016 assembly elections, the LDF won 91 seats, the UDF won 47 seats and the NDA one.

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