Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Biden’s Declaration: Our Administration Ready to Lead the World

Joe Biden, who is going to assume the presidency in January, has announced the preparedness of the American leadership, presenting his world policy and national security teams.

Describing his foreign policy in Wilmington on Tuesday, he said that the officials who played a key role in his administration are “ready to lead the world, they are ready to confront our opponents, they will not reject our allies And will stand up for our values. ”

Speaking to world leaders, he said, “I am excited about how eager they are to accept their historic role for the United States as a global leader.”

Biden was a critic of Trump’s ‘America First’ brand. Concerning strengthening and working with allies, Biden said he would “protect America without complicating unnecessary military conflicts.”

Regarding foreign policy, he went on to say, “Let us begin the work to fix and unify America and the world.”

State Secretary Antony Blinken, stating his approach to foreign policy, said, “We should move forward with the same measures of humility and confidence. Humility is because most of the world’s problems are not connected to us and they affect us. We are one We cannot solve them by pressing the switch. We need to partner with others. Confidence Therefore,

National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan said, “We will be alert to all permanent threats from nuclear weapons to terrorism.”

Without naming China, Biden spoke of ‘competing for the future’ and said that the US would have to “combat the unfair trade practices of its rivals and opponents.” At the same time, he expressed the need to unify the economic strength of democracies around the world to overcome the development and disharmony of the middle class.

Biden also gave high priority to environmental and climate change. “For the first time, the United States will have full-time climate leader John Kerry who will attend ministerial-level meetings,” he said. On this occasion, Carrie said, “No country can solve this challenge alone, Even the United States of America. The whole world must come together to solve this problem. ”

Biden welcomed the Trump administration’s decision to allow his transition team access to all the necessary information and would now be able to work to control the epidemic, improve the nation and protect the American people.

Let me tell you that Trump has rarely appeared in public since the election. He only did a small news conference to celebrate the stock market barometer. When the Dow Jones average crossed the 30,000 marks, while he predicted that the market would crash if Biden won. He only talked about 60 seconds of it and walked away without answering questions.

Later, a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal is served, in which turkey is served.


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