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Changing weather increased farmers’ misery on the Ghazipur border

Ghazipur Border | The change in weather on Friday morning increased the difficulties of the farmers standing on the Ghazipur border. Due to rain, the farmers started securing the food items kept in the storeroom. The tents from which the water was dripping, started to repair it. Farmers have camped on the Delhi borders against the agricultural law. Earlier on Tuesday, the rain, which came with strong winds, uprooted the farmers’ tents on the border.

Farmers’ beds etc. were also drenched due to the rain that came on Friday morning. They were immediately replaced and other beds were given to the farmers so that there would be no problem and there was no change in the movement.

Farmers said, “There are some problems with the change in the weather, we do not have any problem with these problems. The same happens to us in the fields. It is our daily work.”

The tents of the farmers, which have been uprooted, are being repaired. On the other hand, walking on the National Highway has become difficult due to rain. Due to the morning rain, long queues of vehicles were seen on the road and people walking were also facing problems.

Actually, the anchor service has been started on the highway, due to which layers of oily material have been stuck on the roads. This is the reason why problems like slippery are coming out on the roads.

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