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Delhi Govt. wants 60% beds in Private hospitals at reduced rates : Dy CM Sisodia

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia opposed Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal’s decision mandating 5-day compulsory institutional quarantine for all people testing positive for Covid-19 here at the State Disaster Management Authority meeting on Saturday. Shri Manish Sisodia also informed that no consensus has been reached on the two main issues raised at the meeting today- Lt. Governor’s order for ending home isolation in Delhi and revising rates of beds in Private hospitals of Delhi.
He expressed his concerns over a looming state of chaos by this order which makes it compulsory for every patient testing positive for COVID 19, including asymptomatic ones, to be kept under institutional quarantine for five days.  “Today, we discussed two important issues at the State Disaster Management Authority’s meeting.  It was about bringing down the rate of beds at Private hospitals in Delhi and opposing LG’s order to scrap home isolation for COVID 19 patients. CM Kejriwal has also opposed this decision of mandatory institutional quarantine which will plunge Delhi into a state of chaos,” he said
“If we look at the figures, Currently, there are more than 10,000 people under home isolation and there are only 6,000 beds at quarantine centres, so where are we going to accommodate all the people?” Asked Dy CM Sisodia
“Everyday more than 3,000 patients are coming for COVID 19 treatment. According to the figures by the Health Department- by  30th june we will have 1 lakh patients, by 15 july, we will have 1.25 lakh patients,  and by 31 st july- we will have almost 5.25 lakh patients. This will be the scenario if we continue with the home isolation system. But if we end home isolation, and if all corona positive patients are kept at quarantine centres or are hospitalised, then we will need 1 lakh beds by 30th june.,” informed Shri Manish Sisodia.
Talking about the second point of discussion, that is bringing down the rate of beds at Private hospitals in Delhi, Dy CM said, “ Central Govt had proposed to bring down the rates of beds of Private hospitals. According to the Central Govt, Non COVID private hospitals should give 24% beds at lower cost and rest at the same rate. But we at the Delhi Govt. said that at least 60% beds should be made available at lower cost in Non COVID Private hospitals,” he said
“The common public is suffering because of expensive treatment. There was no consensus reached yet at our meeting. The meeting will happen again at 5pm today. We are aiming to provide treatment to the people of Delhi at an affordable rate. And continue with home isolation system for patients with no symptoms and let them recuperate following the

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