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DMK returned to power in Tamil Nadu after 10 years

Chennai| After 10 years in Tamil Nadu, the DMK-led coalition is set to win, leading to a landslide victory in the 2021 assembly elections. Its president M.K. Stalin is leading in 121 out of the 234 assembly constituencies in the state and if this trend continues, his path to form the government may be clear.

The party-led front is leading in 143 assembly constituencies (Congress 15, CPI and CPI-M two each, VCK three) for which the voting took place on 6 April.

On the other hand, the AIADMK-led front is leading in 90 constituencies (AIADMK 81, BJP 3 and PMK 6).

“A new chapter in DMK history is about to begin,” Stalin said.

“In most of the constituencies that are ahead of the DMK-led coalition, it is clear that the party will form the next government,” he said.

Former AIADMK MP K.C. Palanisamy told IANS, AIADMK’s seats may decline as the vote gap between its candidates and rivals in about 60 seats is low and may gain later.

With the victory in the election, DMK workers gathered at the party headquarters here and burst firecrackers and are dancing. No adherence to the Kovid-19 security protocol.

The party workers are quite happy as DMK hopes to maintain the lead and finally won the election to capture power in the state after a decade.

According to Election Commission data, the DMK polled 37.2 percent and with allies, it was around 43 percent, while the AIADMK had 33.5 percent and the alliance as well as it was around 41 percent.

Preparing the anonymity, the political analyst told, “AIADMK has done well despite contrary expectations and predictions. The party has dual leadership (Coordinator O Panneerselvam, Joint Coordinator K Palanisamy) and anti-BJP sentiments in the state Were the issue. ”

According to him, the AIADMK can hold 60-70 seats which is a commendable performance.

He did not agree that the victory of the DMK-led coalition in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was an extension of the assembly election victory.

There was an anti-Modi wave in Tamil Nadu in 2019. The analyst said that in the 2021 assembly elections, Stalin was the target of the Center, but there was no wave in his favor to remove the AIADMK.

An interesting aspect of this assembly election is the NTK party which has emerged as the third force in many constituencies after DMK and AIADMK.

The analyst said NTK could increase the vote share by around seven percent.

Palanisamy and political analysts were unanimous that VK Sasikala and his nephew and AMMK leader T.T.V. Dhinakaran is now a weak force and cannot be a threat to the AIADMK.

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