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Good news: This new drug fabiflu, proved to be effective in reducing the effect of Corona,

The whole world is fighting war against the corona virus at this time, now we have fabiflu. Hundreds of scientists and experts of the country are engaged in finding a vaccine but there has not been any success yet. However, there has been a pleasant news in this murderous epidemic. The new drug of Corona virus will soon come in the market. You have to pay 103 rupees for a tablet of this drug.

This drug has launched Antiviral Pharmaceuticals for Corona Patients by Fabiflu Brand Name. After the permission of Indian Pharmaceutical General, the company has fielded this drug by the Fabiflu brand name. This drug is for those patients of Covid-19, which is suffering from minor infections. Such patients can be treated with this medication.

The company gave information on Saturday. Mumbai’s company told that he got permission for manufacturing and marketing of this drug from the Indian Drug General. Relief news, CMD Glenn Salbandha, said that it has got approval between the growing outbreak of Corona virus in India. Due to the rapidly growing cases, the health service system is under quite pressure.

It is expected in such a hope that the health service system will get a little relief from the treatment of Fabiflu Covid-19. Salbandha said that in the clinical trial, there are good results on patients suffering from light infection of this drug. The drug is a special thing to eat that it is eating, due to which it can be easily taken. Salbandha said that the company will meet with the government and medical community, so that the patients based on the patients’ Codoctor’s prescription across the country, twice a day, 1800 mg (first dose) twice a day after 800 milligrams.

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According to Glenmark, the company will be available on the drug hospitals and medical stores. This drug can be easily available. After getting the approval of Manufacturing and Marketing from Drugs Controller General of India, Drug Firm Glenmark Pharmaceuticals by Fabiflu Brand Name by Fabiflu Brand Name to treat patients suffering from Corona virus

The price of this drug is 103 per tablet which will only be given to people on the basis of the prescription of the doctor. The price of a leaflet of 34 tablet has been fixed at Rs 3,500. This will be a tablet of 200 mg. Doctor’s advice will be given in the amount of 800 milligrams twice a day twice a day, it will be given twice a day, 1800 milligrams (first dose) twice a day after this drug patient.

According to Glenmark, the company will be available on the drug hospitals and medical stores. May be the game Changer, the Associate Director (Internal Medicine) of Max Healthcare (International Medicine) said that this drug can prove to be a “potential game-changer”. He said, “We do not have more data, but whatever data we have, it shows that it is promising. We will have clear information about the effect of the drug in the next two months.

This is a potential game changer because it can be given as a tablet and this is easy and relatively inexpensive, “Within four days the virus brings rapidly in the symptoms, this drug brings rapidly in viral symptoms within four days and radiolaw in the body Pharmaceutical maker said that Fevpirvir has shown improved by 88 per cent in cases of Corona virus victims.

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