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If Kamla Harris becomes the Vice President of the US, know how her attitude towards India will be

The Indian American community expressed happiness over the election of Kamala Harris for Vice President Post

There is a wave of happiness in the Indian American community after the election of Kamala Harris on the Democratic candidate for the post of Vice President.

Washington, Janmat Samachar: The Indian community in the United States, including former PepsiCo chief Indira Nooyi, has welcomed the Democratic Party’s decision to choose Kamala Harris as Vice President. Kamala Harris, the father of African descent and the daughter of an Indian mother, is a US Senator from California. The Indian community called it a Democrats ‘decision, the Indian community called it a Democrats’ decision and also called it a proud time for the entire Indian community living in America. Her supporters launched a nationwide campaign on Tuesday – ‘Lotus blooms in the US’.

Indira Nooyi welcomed the decision by tweeting

However, some people in the community also questioned Harris about contributing to the US-India relationship. The name of 55-year-old Kamala Harris was announced by Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday. The name of a black woman has been chosen as the first time in history for this post. Indira Nooyi expressed her happiness by tweeting. She wrote, “This is a great election for our country.”

Black woman’s selection historic decision

Harris was in the race for the presidential election until last year. MR Rangaswamy, the founder of the Indian community, said, “What a wonderful moment for the Indian American community.” Welcoming the decision, Indian American Advocacy Group IMPACT said it would collect $ 10 million for the campaign. Executive director of IMPACT Neil Makhija said, “Kamala Harris’s story is a story of change. Her candidacy in America is historic and inspiring.” Not only for black American voters, but also for millions of Asian American voters. ‘

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