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Kejriwal sends a fresh proposal to LG to allow hotels, gymnasium, and weekly markets to reopen in Delhi

New Delhi:Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government on Thursday sent a fresh proposal to Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor Shri Anil Baijal seeking his permission to allow hotels, gymnasium, and weekly markets to reopen in the national capital. The fresh proposal sent by Revenue Minister Shri Kailash Gehlot said that the condition of Delhi is improving and the number of cases are coming down. In many states, the Corona cases are rising but hotels, gyms and weekly markets should be allowed to open. Considering that the situation in Delhi is improving as the number of active cases is decreasing every day, the Delhi govt has the right to decide the unlock guidelines in accordance with the Centre’s guidelines. Hotels, gyms and weekly markets should open in Delhi considering the improving situation in Delhi and the sentiments of the Delhiites.
In the proposal addressed to Hon’ble LG Shri Anil Baijal, Revenue Minister Shri Kailash Gehlot said, “Hon’ble Lt. Governor is aware that situation in Delhi is fast improving and economic activities need to be opened up so that those people who have been suffering for the last four months due to imposition of lockdown, can resume their jobs and business, albeit with restrictions.
Shri Kailash Gehlot said that hotels and weekly bazaars have been opened up in the entire country. States like UP, Karnataka etc., which are facing sudden surge in COVID-19 cases, have also kept hotels and weekly bazaars open. Hotels and weekly bazaars are open in the entire country except Delhi. On one hand, Central Government has issued guidelines allowing opening up weekly markets and hotels. On the other hand, Central Government is not permitting them to open in Delhi. Such contradictory conduct of Central Government is not comprehensible. Whereas, Central Government has allowed hotels & weekly bazars to open in all those states where COVID situation is much worse than Delhi, strangely, it is not being allowed to open in Delhi.
He further wrote that hotels contribute to 8% of State’s GDP & employment. Weekly bazaars provide employment to 5 lakh poor families. After having successfully brought COVID situation under control, it is a challenge to bring economy back on track. Opening up these two sectors will help in that direction.
He wrote, “Since the time Hon’ble LG rejected our recommendation (to open up these sectors) last week, there has been a huge public uproar. The entire Delhi now wants to work towards its economic recovery. Delhi should not be stopped. Delhi showed the way to the country to tackle Corona. Delhi will now show the way for economic recovery also.”
Shri Gehlot said that the Delhiites are conscious of the risk of spread of Corona. But when Central Government is allowing some sectors to be opened in those States which have become hotspots of Corona and at the same time Centre is stopping Delhi from opening these sectors, when Delhi, through its hard work and discipline, has been able to control Corona so well, then Delhiites are asking “why are we being made to suffer? Why is our livelihood under attack?,”
“Therefore, I would urge that considering the improved Corona situation and the sentiments of Delhiites, we should open up these sectors. Also, it has been a week now when our recommendation was rejected by Hon’ble LG. We may now urge Hon’ble LG to reconsider his decision. MHA has also permitted opening of Yoga centres & Gyms in its latest guidelines. These activities should be permitted in Delhi. However, the SOPs issued by Government of India should be followed,” he added.

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