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Marcus Smart, Celtics players reportedly fight in Locker Changing Room after a loss

After blowing a 17-point halftime lead in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Heat, there was reportedly a fight and an argument in the Boston Celtics’ locker room following the loss. Marcus Smart and other Celtics players were arguing in the changing locker room. Marcus Smart even tried to block raptors

Marcus Smart Boston Celtics

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Gwashburn Globe said ” Marcus Smart is screaming in the #Celtics locker room and there is a bunch of arguing going on. Smart comes out say “y’all on that bullshit!” Team is imploding. Smart is in bathroom and there is still screaming coming from locker room.”

After some time, Kemba Walker calm down the things and said “It was nothing,” Walker said. “It was nothing. I’m not speaking about it.”

“I’m not speaking about it.” – Kemba Walker on the postgame locker room argument #Celtics

“We’re frustrated,” Tatum said. “That’s team sports. We’re not supposed to be happy we’re down 0-2. It was nothing ordinary. Just talking about the game. It’s cool, going to get ready for the next one.”

“What happens in the locker going to stay in the locker room,” Tatum later added. “We’re not supposed to come out here and talk about what we talked about as a team after a win or a loss. That’s why we go in the locker room and talk to each other, whether we win or lose. That’s that.”

“Guys were emotional after a hard game, a hard loss,” Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said.

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Marcus Smart block raptors

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