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When Sam Manekshaw had parceled the battalion in Mizoram, Relationship with Indira Gandhi

Though strict in appearance but in real life he was comfortable. Sam Manekshaw Indira Gandhi was better.Sam family, wife Siloo, daughter, biography.

Sam Manekshaw was awarded the Padma Vibhusha

 The Indian Army’s bravehearts were vivacious, Sam Manekshaw was one of them. Everyone is aware of his stories of bravery. Sam Hormuzji Framji Jamsetji Manekshaw, you have hardly heard this name. There are very few people who know this name. Wife, friends or close friends used to call him Sam or “Sam Bahadur”. Today, on June 27, 2008, San Manekshaw has said goodbye to the world. Today, on the occasion of his death anniversary, today we tell you some stories related to him. Which you may not have heard before.

On 7 June 1969, Sam Manekshaw assumed the position of 8th Chief of the Army Staff of India, and then in December 1971 under his leadership, the Indo-Pak War took place and Bangladesh was born. Sam Manekshaw was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, the country’s second highest civilian honor, in 1972 for his selfless service to the country. In January 1973, he was given the post of Field Marshal. He had also retired this month.

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Sam manekshaw quotes

Give me a man or a woman with common sense and who is not an idiot and I assure you can make a leader out of him or her.




Professional knowledge and professional competence are the main attributes of leadership.



The primary, the cardinal attribute of leadership is professional knowledge and professional competence.

When bangles sent to the battalion in Mizoram

A battalion in Mizoram was reluctant to fight militants. When Manekshaw came to know about this, he sent a parcel of bangles with a note to the commanding officer of the battalion. It was written in the note, ‘If you do not want to fight the enemy, then give it to your soldiers to wear bangles.’ After which the battalion successfully carried out this operation.

Sam Manekshaw Indira Gandhi relationship:Sam told Indira Gandhi- sweetie

Although Sam looked very strict with his appearance, he was quite comfortable in real life. His relationship with Indira Gandhi was also much better. The proof of this is also found from this statement. When Indira Gandhi asked him about the preparation of the Indian Army during the 1971 war, he replied, I am always ready – sweetie.

When Sam said to Indira Gandhi – hand over the resignation before opening your mouth

Indira Gandhi wanted to invade Pakistan in the month of March in 1971 but Sam refused to do so as the Indian Army was not ready for the attack. Actually, when Indira Gandhi asked for an attack on untimely East Pakistan, she replied that defeat is certain in this situation. This made Indira Gandhi angry. Regardless of his anger, Manekshaw said, ‘Prime Minister, do you want me to submit my resignation before opening your mouth with an excuse?’ Manekshaw said, give me six months time. I guarantee you will win.

When Indira felt that Manekshaw had a bad thing

After losing the war to China in 1962, Sam was given command of the Fourth Corps in place of Biji Kaul. As soon as he took office, Sam said while addressing the troops stationed at the border, “From now on, none of you will back down until a written order is received.” Keep in mind that this order will never be given to you. “

At the same time, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Defense Minister Yashwantrao Chavan visited the border areas. Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi was also with him.

Sam’s relationship with Indira Gandhi has always been good. He used to answer Indira Gandhi with impunity. Sam’s ADC Brigadier Bahram Pantakhi writes in his book Sam Manekshaw – The Man and His Times, “Sam told Indira Gandhi that you cannot enter the operation room because you have not sworn secrecy. Indira felt bad about it at that time, but fortunately Indira Gandhi and Manekshaw’s relationship did not deteriorate because of it. “

Seven pills consumed in intestines, liver and kidneys

Major General VK Singh, who wrote a biography of Sam Bahadur, told the BBC, “His commander Major General Cowan at the same time took off his military cross and put it on his chest because the military was not given a military cross.”

When Manekshaw was injured, it was ordered that all the injured be released in the same condition because if they were brought back, the retreating battalion would have slowed down. But his orderly Subedar Sher Singh brought him back on his shoulder.

Doctor heartlessly took out the bullets that entered his body and cut the damaged part of his intestine.

Sam’s condition was so bad that the doctors did not consider it appropriate to waste his time on him. Then Subedar Sher Singh said to the doctors, while firing the loaded rifle, “We have brought our officer on his shoulder while fighting with the Japanese.” We do not want him to die in front of us because you did not treat him. If you treat them otherwise I will shoot you. “

The doctor heartlessly took out the bullets that entered his body and cut the damaged part of his intestine. Sam survived surprisingly. He was first taken to Mandalay, then to Rangoon and then back to India. In the year 1946, Lieutenant Colonel Sam Manekshaw was posted at Army Headquarters Delhi.

wife Siloo manekshaw:Personal life, death and legacy

Manekshaw married Siloo Bode on 22 April 1939 in Bombay. The couple had two daughters, Sherry and Maya (later Maja), born in 1940 and 1945 respectively. Sherry married Batliwala, and they have a daughter named Brandy. Maya was employed by British Airways as a stewardess and married Daruwala, a pilot. The latter couple have two sons named Raoul Sam and Jehan Sam. Siloo supported Sam a lot and Siloo admired him a lot.

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