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UAE: Indian-origin Dubai resident helped in return of an elderly couple

DUBAI | Indian diaspora united in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to send an elderly couple from Tamil Nadu back to their homeland. The company in which this elderly man used to work, closed suddenly in 2014, after which a mountain of debt was broken on him. The 67-year-old Srinivasan and his wife Radhika (62) have been happily living their lives in Dubai for the past three decades, Gulf News reported in a report quoting the Indians living here and the Indian Consulate in Dubai. Srinivasan used to work as a general manager in a company here. There was a crisis in his life when in 2014, Srinivasan’s company was suddenly locked.

An official from the consulate said, “They stayed here even after the job was gone, because they had a rental issue, which they had not been able to resolve for years.” For this, they were also banned for traveling. Since 2016, he was living here without a visa and in the meantime he also got heart disease.

Meenakumari Pathmanathan, chairwoman of the Tamil Ladies Association (TLA) in Dubai, said she was approached by the consulate to arrange community assistance for the elderly couple.

He told Gulf News on Wednesday, “When their case came to me in August, both were going through very bad conditions. They would spend a whole day by buying food once a day. On the company’s side They were already evacuated from where the accommodation was arranged for them, due to which they were facing a case of renting 1,90,000 dirhams. “

He asked the members of the association to make arrangements for the elderly couple to stay in a low-budget place in Karama, as well as a free meal for them from the Shri Aishwarya Vegetarian Restaurant in Karama.

Meenakumari further added, “Uma Shankari Krishnamurthy, who is part of Dubai Computer Group, negotiated with that real state company and extended his helping hand by reducing his rental dues to 50,000 dirhams.”

Members of the community and another businessman, Siddharth Balachandran, helped him settle the amount and close the case.

He further added, “Community volunteers Senthil Prabhakaran and Subramanian Ganapathy did all the paperwork to resolve the issue and the Lions Club raised ticket money for him and the consulate offered the ticket in front of him. “

Srinivasan and Radhika, who had been stranded in Dubai for years due to several legal issues, finally returned to India on Monday.

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