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Unique Places To Visit In Germany

I know it’s hard to narrow down all the beautiful places to visit.
If you’re planning on taking a trip to Germany any time.Than there is a list to visit a few unique locations that everyone might enjoy!
1.Burg Eltz Castle
It was built in the 12th century and is nestled within the trees in the rolling hills between Koblentz and Trier, Germany. It is currently still owned by the same Eltz family (33 generations later) that built the castle and some of the family members continue to live in parts of the castle to this very day! Burg Eltz is one of only two castles left standing on the left bank of the Rhine in the Rhineland-Palatinate area. The castle features a very unique plumbing system, especially for it’s time period, and all rooms in the castle can be heated (most castles can only heat two rooms).
The drive into town is through the hills and valleys of Germany’s beautiful countryside. Located in southern Hesse, Lindenfels been around since the 1100s and has been named “The Dragon City.” One of the town’s best attractions is the Dragon Museum.Another attraction is the ruins of the Lindenfels Castle, which was built in 1080. It had been an important castle for a while, but during the 1800s it began to deteriorate. However, in 1880 the town began to restore pieces of the castle. There are currently a couple different watchtowers that tourists may visit that overlook the entire town.
3.Bad Kreuznach
Famous for it’s bridge houses built in 1480 and the city’s hot springs, Bad Kreuznach is a hidden gem in southern Germany. The city was founded in 1227 and is popular for its abundance of spas. Bad K, as we call it, is a descent size town and has many options for activities.
Bad K is filled with various hotels to fit every budget, as well as many delicious restaurants!
4.Rheinfels Castle
It was built in 1245, and is one of the oldest standing ruins today. The castle was built during the Holy Roman Empire and was the strongest and most modern modern fortress at the time. It sits atop a hill overlooking the Rhine River in St. Goar, as well as its other watchtowers across the river.
5.Neushwanstein and Hohenshwangau Castles
It is one of the top places in Germany to visit. It is a much newer castle the the rest and was built from 1869 to 1886 by King Ludwig. Tours are available to see inside the castle, but we did not take one. Instead, we hiked the trail up to Mary’s bridge.

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