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NITs across India now becomes the new epicenter of Massive protest over Tuition fees hike

NIT protest: Over the past few months as the global pandemic of Covid-19 has begun to tighten its grip. The Education sector of India is still witnessing unprecedented changes. One of the recent sudden dismay issue of abruptly increasing Tuition fees across NITs of India has created a furore over student community. NIT adminstration has directed us towards MHRD as it is under rules that NIT fees structure comes under MHRD and not NITs themselves. NIT protest against the tution fees for the current semester. Lets know about the NIT Student Council protest over Tuition fees hike or increase which comes under MHRD administration in NIT Jamshedpur, Calicut.

Janmat Samachar recently interviewed Sahil Kaushik, (Student Council, NIT Jamshedpur) to know the whole matter,

Here are glimpses of the interview conducted by Team Janmat Samachar:


1) Please explain the whole of matter of Reckless Increment of tuition fees in NIT .

“NITs are taking high amount of fees for online classes even when the students are not using major of the resources like electricity, lab equipments, libraries etc. Also, they themselves have to arrange laptops and broadband connections which could be a big enough burden for students who are financially weak due to the pandemic ” .


2) How is NIT administration responding to students protesting over High Tuition fees.

“NIT adminstration has directed us towards MHRD as it is under rules that NIT fees structure comes under MHRD and not NITs themselves ” It is already clear under rules that NITs cannot decide the fee structure. Apart from requesting NIT administration to consider the case and request the MHRD there isn’t much we can do. Although, collective measure and massive support from all the NITs may help our situation.



” Students are  unable to attend online classes due to network issues, and are suffering financially due to economic depression “.


New education policy is a welcome move, says Asif

3) What other issues student community is facing in NIT , Please Elaborate.

” As we know engineering colleges have high tuition fees which is justifiable, provided that they regularly conduct classes on campus and provide resources like lab equipments. Neither of the above mentioned things are happening currently due to the pandemic. Students are attending classes at their respective homes which reduces college expenditure like electricity, travel conveyance etc, also students have to arrange laptops, internet connection etc by themselves which is still acceptable, but having to pay equal amount fees that we have been paying for the previous semesters where classes where conducted on campus seems unfair, given that the country is going through economic regression.”

(SAC , NIT Calicut)

4) If demands are not fullfiled then what other methods student community will adopt to make NIT administration responsive to student issues.

During this pandemic situation , when everything is mess, NIT adminstration want us to pay full semester fees . How it can be justified if they are even taking library , transport , extra-curricular fees at this time when everything is going online .
Mess and other fees of last semester should be reimbursed in this semester , and total fees of this semester should be decided accordingly .
If our voice isn’t heard , we will go for further protests.

Sahil Kaushik
(Student Council , NIT Jamshedpur)

Edited by Abid Ali



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