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Know the reason why your armpits smell ? What can be done to prevent smelly armpits !

UK University of York collaborates with Unilever for research, researchers claim enzyme named Beau Rakhrisarch – Strephalococcus hominis bacteria release chemicals that cause bad odor

Scientists have found out the reason why the body smells bad. Scientists say the reason is an enzyme that makes bacteria found in the armpit (armpit). This is responsible for bad smell from the body. Researchers have named it the BO enzyme.

The research has been done by the University of York, UK, in collaboration with Unilever.

According to the researchers, Strephalococcus hominis bacteria specifically release chemicals that cause bad odor. This bacterium has been in humans since the early humans. So generation after generation it has made its way into the armpit.

This research will help in preparing deodorant
According to researcher Dr. Gordon James, this research has brought many new things. As such, the enzyme that discovered only makes the armpit bacteria. They have been present in humans for millions of years. After its identification, the deodorants will now be prepared according to the enzyme to neutralize or eliminate it.

Preparation to control odor without damaging bacteria

According to the researcher Dr. Michael Ruden, along with understanding the structure of BO enzyme, we have also been able to understand the bacteria that make it into the enzyme. It has also provided information about how body odor works and how to prevent it without harming bacteria.

These bacteria thrive due to the body temperature controlling gland.

According to researchers, this bacteria is caused by the body’s apocrine gland. This gland attaches to the skin and draws out sweat from the body through the hair. This gland is found around the armpit, chest, and genitals. They are very important for the body because with the help of them, the temperature of the body is controlled.

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