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Shakuntala Devi: Vidya Balan’s next biopic film’s trailer has been released

Shakuntala Devi or the ‘Human Computer, as she was called, was not only a world-renowned math genius, but also a woman ahead of her times. She lived life on her own terms, and did so unapologetically. The biopic is not just about Shakuntala Devi, the math wizard, it is also about Shakuntala — the woman and mother — with all her brilliance, vulnerabilities and flaws. Lets know Shakuntala Devi movie story, OTT release date on prime, Shakuntala Devi movie cast and much more. The role is being played by Vidya Balan.

Shakuntala Devi movie trailer

There is much hype surrounding the cinematic retelling of the story of India’s maths genius Shakuntala Devi, and the trailer definitely lives up to that those expectations. It’s a delight to see Vidya Balan as the charming mathematician, taking centre stage once again.
The film has been peppered with humourous and dramatic situations so that it doesn’t become a boring narration of a mathematician’s life.

Shakuntala Devi movie story

The actress brings the life of celebrated mathematician Shakuntala Devi onscreen with her feisty touch. Vidya Balan portrays Shakuntala Devi brilliantly with a smile on her face and witticism in her dialogues. The film narrates the story of the child prodigy from her early days in India to the time she spent in London (she moved there with her father in 1944), including her Guinness milestone. Shakuntala Devi, known as the “human computer,” is named in the 1982 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records for 13-digit multiplication in 28 seconds. The movie also talks about Shakuntala Devi’s turbulent relationship with her daughter Anupama, played by actress Sanya Malhotra.

This movie has been Written and directed by Anu Menon and produced by Sony Pictures Networks India and Vikram Malhotra under his banner Abundantia.

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Shakuntala Devi OTT release date on prime

Entertainment , Shakuntala Devi was slated for May 2020 release. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the filmmakers opted for a digital release. Th release date of Shakuntala Devi will be July 31 2020 and will be release as OTT on Amazon Prime Video.

Shakuntala Devi movie cast

Shakuntala Devi also features Jisshu Sengupta as Shakuntala Devi’s onscreen husband while Amit Sadh has been cast opposite Sanya Malhotra.

A different kind of film promotion

Vidya gave her fans a maths equation to solve if they wish to watch the trailer. Sharing a picture of a placard with the equation on it, she wrote, “Solve for c… if you do, you will c the SURPRISE! Get a chance to see the trailer before the world.

Vidhya’s own experience about Shakuntala’s life

Talking about the film, Vidya said, “Stepping into the world of Shakuntala Devi was as intimidating as it was exhilarating. Her story is inspirational and makes you see how if we believe in ourselves, the world is our oyster. A direct release on Prime Video will bring Shakuntala Devi one step closer to audiences across the globe where they can watch the movie at their convenience.”

She also shared a new poster which shows her in five different avatars and shared the time of its release with a mathematical equation.


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