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17 year old Delhi boy breaks Guinness World record for most hops

Soham Mukherjee Guinness Book of World record: A 17 year old boy from New Delhi broke the title for most number of Side-To-Side Hops on a ruler by surpassing the previously held record of 93 hops in 30 seconds by recording a video performing 101 Side-To-Side Hops in the same time. Indian boy who broke Guinness Book of World record.

Currently based in Dubai, the Indian boy filmed the video by placing two cameras in a slow motion close up position so that the distance between the ruler and hops can be identified accurately. He performed a total of 110 Side-To-Side Hops, 9 of which were deemed incomplete.

A Multi talented sports player

Indian boy Guinness Book of World record: Soham is a high school student at GEMS University, Dubai and is a multi talented sports player who wanted to do something to make the period of this lockdown ‘productive’, hence he attempted to work on breaking this record . He sent the video to the official in April this year and broke the previous record.

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Guinness Book and its history of Mind numbing records

Soham Mukherjee Guinness Book of World record

Indian boy World record: It is the international book that entails achievements by humans and the novelties of the natural world ,few weeks ago, a 20-year-old man from Yemen, successfully made the  ‘largest stack of eggs’ post which his video blew up on social media platforms.

The book also has some weird records such as for most piercings, most toothpicks in a beard and longest fingernails ever on a women.

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