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UPSC Success story : IAS topper Vaishali Singh

Vaishali Singh topped with the rank of 08 in the UPSC examination in the year 2018. Know about Success Story of IAS Topper Vaishali Singh, how she became a UPSC Topper and she was UPSC Faridabad Topper also. she left her childhood dream of advocacy and started preparing for UPSC.

Instead of focusing on your strength, focus on weakness and finish them by choosing them. Create a strategy and follow it properly before you start studying.

Vaishali Singh topped with the  rank of 08 in the UPSC examination in the year 2018. Prior to this, she studied law and also topped the National Law University, Delhi. Today let’s know the secret of her success from Vaishali.


Success Story of IAS Topper Vaishali Singh

UPSC Topper Vaishali Singh, who was a lawyer by profession, has all the lawyers in the house. Her mother-father, her younger brother and Vaishali herself. Since childhood, she had seen Advocacy so closely and understood that it had settled in her blood. There was no need to think too much in terms of career and it was decided that Vaishali would go to this area. She joined the advocacy, passed with very good numbers and then started working in a big company. But after a few days, Vaishali did not mind advocating. They felt as if something was lacking and there was still some work to do. This was quite new for Vaishali, who dreamed of becoming a Lawyer since childhood, but she listened to her heart. Not remembering her streak, she recalled her NLU days when she went to the field for research work and was exposed to problems spread at the ground level. Even at that moment she felt that something should be done to cope with these problems. This idea became a strong foundation for preparing UPSC after completion of the law. Ultimately, Vaishali made up her mind to prepare for UPSC and became a topper from Faridabad.

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Vaishali of Faridabad 

Vaishali Singh hails from Faridabad. Her childhood and early education were also done in Faridabad. Her schooling was completed from DPS school, then she went on to graduate from National Law University, Delhi. From here, she did a five-year integrated law course. During this time, her performance was amazing and apart from topping the college, she won a total of 6 gold medals here. After this, Vaishali worked for some time but she did not get satisfaction there.


In such a situation, she decided to quit her job and she left her childhood dream of advocacy and preparing for UPSC. Vaishali considers her parents Joginder Singh and Suman Singh as inspiration from their beginnings. In an interview, Vaishali also says that sometimes we take time to choose the direction of our life, sometimes we do not understand which area is best for us but in such a situation should not be disturbed as well as the taunts of those around Should not notice , You take your time in deciding which area you want to go and then give everything to get success in it.

Every Mistake is a learning opportunity!

Vaishali Singh says that the reason for her failure in the first attempt was not one of her mistakes, but at that time she made mistakes in bulk. Yes, Vaishali learned a lot from every mistake and never repeated them. She says that at first her preparations were not confirmed for pre, but on that she is a night person who goes to bed at 6 am after studying all night. In such a situation, when she went to take the exam and became a UPSC topper from faridabad, her mind which was used to sleeping at that time was not working.

It took him 2 minutes to understand the first question. Her second mistake was not to give mock tests and go straight to the paper. Vaishali rectified her mistakes from the next time and also rectified biological clock from two months before the examination so that she should be alert while giving the exam. However, she also says that everybody’s body has its own requirements, according to which they should work. 


Such was the success of Vaishali 

UPSC IAS Topper Vaishali Singh Success story: She gives tips for success and says, in addition to hardwork, smart work is also needed to pass this exam. If you study without strategy or planning, you will not be able to reach anywhere and it will be difficult to finish the course. Create a strategy and follow it properly before you start studying. The pre and main course is integrated, so prepare for both and try to finish your optional before pre. Vaishali kept her own optional law. She further says to improve the answer writing skills like if she spoke personally, she would write any answer too long, she learned to say her words in less words. Apart from this, other important tips are to give plenty of mock before both pre and main. Instead of focusing on your strength, focus on weakness and finish them by choosing.

Be honest and True to yourself !

Success story: Vaishali did not have any schedule of studies, but she used to study 9 to 12 hours in 24 hours and according to plan. She loves traveling so when she used to get bored, she used to give time to her hobbies too. Vaishali advises the rest of the candidates that knowledge and strategy are the only two ways to succeed in this exam. Along with this, look at the old papers a lot, if you understood the pattern of the examination, understand that you have won half the battle. Be honest with yourself and take breaks in between preparations. If you want, you will definitely get success.



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