Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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MP Dr. Rakesh Sinha: Chinese have very LOW MORAL position

Eminent MP Dr. Rakesh Sinha has said on twitter social media that “Chinese have very LOW MORAL position”. After his tweet many netizens have liked and retweeted it.

As we are aware of that fact that Chinese soldiers have attacked our Indian soldiers in Galwan valley, still there are numerous Chinese soldiers on the border area of India China dispute area. China wants to take the land and in the past they have done this. Now PM Modi told to ban the Chinese apps and goods which every Indian citizen is doing. There is a hashtag of #boycottchinesegoods that is in trend and Indians are boycotting every Chinese products.

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MP Dr. Rakesh Sinha further said on twitter social media platform that “Dear Comrade Editors, @globaltimesnews you are facing the crisis of existence, internal instability, anger of the people who experience in their surrounding being suppressed, jailed, killed. Indian nationalism has global acceptance ,Chinese jingoism faces global exclusion!”

Member of Parliament Dr. Rakesh Sinha Twitter account user commented that “Chinese moral & ethical values trending towards absolute negativism. Yes barbarism reaching optimal level,vindicates recent incidents”.
One user commented YouTube,Facebook, Instagram banned in China,now it’s our turn to ban Chinese app!if China want to ban anything.hardly it will be manageable in return.


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