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UPSC Success story : Saifin Hasan, the youngest IPS of the country, slept empty stomach out of poverty!

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My parents were diamond worker !

Ahmedabad. Born in Palanpur (Kanodar), Gujarat, Safin Hasan took over as the youngest IPS officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Jamnagar. It was only after training that the way for his first posting in Jamnagar was cleared. However, even his journey was extremely full of struggle. To study till the 10th, his mother raised loaves in the homes of others. Whereas, father used to sell eggs and tea in winter. The parents were also diamond workers at one time. Many such days have come in Hassan’s journey so far, as if an unclaimed child has suffered. Many times he had to stay hungry as well. However, then some gentlemen proved to be important in his career. Many teachers not only waived Hassan’s fees, but a person also borne Hassan’s entire expenses in Delhi.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Joins Duty

Hasan was born on July 21, 1995. he is fluent in Gujarati, English, Hindi and Sanskrit. In the year 2017, he passed the UPSC examination with 570th rank. he then moved to Hyderabad from Gujarat cadre for IPS training. On returning from there, he got an appointment as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Jamnagar. Hasan says that if you maintain your own confidence and smart work, success is assured.

Started preparations in June 2016,

Describing his preparations, Hassan said, “I started preparations in June 2016. After that, took the examination of UPSC and GPSC. Also succeeded in Gujarat PSC. Many occasions came when he faced with difficulties. However, I kept on believing it was given by the upper person. Even before the exam was accident, I took the pain killer and gave the paper.

What did parents do? Such is the family background

Describing his family background, Hasan says that, when the money for studies started running low, mother Naseem Bano made rotis at restaurants and wedding ceremonies. he was in a diamond unit with his father Mustafa, though after a few years both of his parents left the job. Then, as soon as possible, they sold their house. We also had to sleep on an empty stomach for several nights. I had an accident while giving the first appearance of UPSC. Despite this, he achieved 570th rank in the 2017 UPSC exam and traveled the IPS. ”

..Then IPS is to be made

In response to why I thought of becoming an IPS, Hassan says that once when I went to a school with my aunt, seeing the hospitality and respect of the collector who came to the function and asked who they are and why people respect them so much. are doing? Then Mausi told me these are the IPS, who are the heads of the district. This post is meant for service. Since then I started thinking of becoming an IPS.

Had to sleep empty stomach for many days

Hassan’s mother used to work in roti roti after losing her job in the diamond unit. At the same time, the father started working as an electrician. They used to put eggs and tea in the winter. I used to see my mother soaked with sweat even in winter. Used to study in the kitchen. Mother used to get up at 3 am in the morning and make 20 to 200 kg of chapatti. With this work he used to earn five to eight thousand rupees every month. In such a situation, we had to sleep hungry for several days.

Good people helped me a lot in studies’

“My primary education was completed in Kanodar, a small village in Palanpur tehsil of North Gujarat Banaskantha. After primary education, we came to Surat to study engineering. After school, I was enrolled in the National Institute of Engineering (NIT). When I was in high school, my principal waived my 80 thousand rupees fee. ”

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Accident was done before exam’

‘Besides, when we came to Delhi, the Polara family of Gujarat borne our expenses for 2 years. The same people used to pay my coaching fees also. In those days when UPSC examinations started, I had an accident. However, the hand I used to write was safe. After giving exams, I had to be hospitalized.

Parents are very happy to see IPS becoming

“Thank God, all is well with us now.” I am going to join ASP duty in Jamnagar. The parents are quite happy to see the son becoming the youngest IPS. They believe that in this country only such noble people are found who help others like me.



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